Saturday, March 23, 2013

Special Things

This is a photo of the New Zealand Tui. Isn't he grand. They have a wonderful tuft of white feathers on the front of their neck and make the most wonderful bird sounds. They are considered quite intelligent birds and can mimic other sounds. I have to credit my husband Pete with taking this photo. This Tui is on a flower from a flax bush which is their favourite source of food.

I love birds and I love things with images of birds on it.

When my Mum and I made miniatures in the 1990s my Dad, a cabinet maker by trade, took up the challenge of making miniature furniture. Unfortunately we lost Dad many years ago to cancer, so the pieces he made for us at the time are very special.

 This set Dad made based on the Oak bedroom suite Mum and Dad had when they married. He made two sets, one for Mum and one for me. Apart from a few experimental pieces this was the first set of miniature furniture he made.

 He followed that by making bedroom furniture in New Zealand Kauri.

He also made the little table in this picture, as well as the two little 
turnings and the little easel.

This little house is a kit I made last night from a Paper Minis kit,
Little Red Riding Hood Cottage.

Well I had better go and get some housework done so I can try and get back to my minis later. I hope you enjoy seeing the lovely furniture made by my Dad.


  1. All wonderfully special things indeed! :D

  2. What a Special treasure to have! Your Father was obviously very talented!