Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lighting for Selina Rose Gallery - HELP

It is a long weekend here as it is our region's anniversary day on Monday, so hopefully I should find a bit of time to work on the Gallery. I am hoping to at least put a coat of paint on the house and sort out the flooring.

However, I really need to decide on what lighting system to use.

When I started the house many many years ago I put some Cir-kit tape wiring on the house, but I have not used this system before and have some reservations about it. I was thinking I might strip it off and look at either a round wire system or just get some battery lights, but I have also discovered there is now a LED lighting system you can use for dolls houses.

Part of the trouble I face is that this is a corner unit so I can't put much behind or on the sides of the house, although I did consider putting a couple of strips of wood on each side at the back to hold it out from the wall slightly. That would allow a small space behind the house, perhaps enough room for a round wiring system.

So I'm crying HELP to my blogging friends. I'd love to know what system you prefer and if you have any ideas for lighting the Gallery. The bottom two floors will be gallery, the next floor will be where the artist paints when she is at the gallery building and the attic space will be a relaxing place to read art books and have a cuppa. There is also a corner fire place in the attic space I would like to light.

I'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts on lighting.

Now I'm off to play with some flooring.

PS: I've reached the grand total of 20 followers. It might not seem much but I am thrilled. It has taken me a while to get in the flow of blogging and get back into my miniature making, but now I am just loving being part of the miniatures blogging community. What a great bunch - a virtual pat on the back to everyone.


  1. Привет!
    Проводка электричества для меня тоже проблема. Я Вас очень понимаю.
    Мне нравится Ваш чердак. Там уже уютно.

    1. Hi Tatiana
      Hopefully we might both pick up some ideas on lighting from our blogging friends.
      Yes, I like the way the attic is turning out. Once I add lighting, a cushion, a few art books and a tray with a pot of tea and a piece of cake it will be even more cosy. I might need to tuck a cat in there somewhere too.

  2. Thank you Sharee for such uplifting comments. I think sometimes we all forget that we are a community. As for your lighting question, I am not the greatest authority on lighting, but I think the LED lighting system with the coin battery will work well in your house. They are relatively inexpensive, and much less costly than the individual LED lamps. The battery holder is very small and could be disguised on the outside of the house with a piece of greenery. Cinderella Moments (blog) has created some wonderful chandeliers with these lights. Good lick, you have a wonderful blank canvas with that house!

    1. My iPad decided that "good luck" should really be " good lick" so please excuse the typo.

    2. Thank you for your suggestion Neen. That was the option I was thinking might be best having come across a bit about it on the internet, although I have never used it before. I'd like to make some of my own lights as well so I guess it will just be a matter of getting the materials and having a go. I'll check out the Cinderella Moments blog...As for the 'lick', don't you just love those typos caused by technology having a mind of its own!

    3. Thank you for pointing me in the direction of Cinderella Moments Neen. It is a great blog.