Saturday, March 2, 2013

G Baxter Prints and Breakfast Tray

I'm thrilled to have won the below G Baxter prints through a competiton on Dolls Houses Past and Present. They arrived in the mail yesterday.

Aren't they beautiful. I intend to frame them for The Laurels. They are each only 5.7 cm x 2.6 cm. They are called 'In Contemplative Mood' and 'The Flower Maiden'.

I have done some research about the prints on the internet. They are both from around 1850. They were printed by a Le Blond & Co who took a licence from Baxter in 1849. These particular prints were from a set of 10 small images called 'The Fancy Set'. They were meant to be cut into single prints and used on the lids of small boxes containing sewing needles, which were highly popular at the time. (Information sourced from

I had a look through some miniature frames I had but I did not feel anything was good enough for these prints, however I did have a second look at some little wooden frames I had.

A bit of coloured card, some scrapbooking paper and two tiny bits of wire - a breakfast tray:

I'm not that happy with the handles but I think I will play around with this idea and look at some other little pictures frames. A fun simple project.

Jamie has just gone to stay at a friends for the night, so hopefully I'll get some more miniatures done over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend and be creative.