Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kitchen Progress

So far this weekend I have avoided all the housework that needs doing but it is now getting the better of me and I really must get on with it. Before I get out the vacuum, cloths and cleaners though I want to give you an update on the Del Prado kitchen.
I have fast come to the conclusion I cannot keep the house true to the Del Prado original design. I just wouldn't be happy with it.
The hutch below is the kitchen cupboard that came with the kit:

It is quite sweet but it isn't going to hold much, especially as the doors are non-working. I will paint it white and keep it in the kitchen with some desserts on the counter.
Therefore my project this weekend has been to build some basic oversized Victorian shelves. At this stage I have gone through my stash and found some foods and kitchen items but I need to do a bit of research on what was available in Victorian times e.g. did they have pumpkins, cabbages, cannisters, mouse traps etc? Some things will come, some things will go, I will fill up the jars and make some more food and kitchen items.
I have also at this stage replaced the Del Prado sink kit with a ceramic one but I have decided I will make a large deep sink with sloping wooden drainer as were common in Victorian kitchens.

I have also thrown some foods on the Del Prado kit table.

This table will also be replaced. I have decided I want this as a 'working' kitchen. I would rather have a large food preparation table in the middle of the kitchen than a small dining room table and chairs. There will be a shelf under the table to house pots and pans etc. We will just have to pretend the dining room is elsewhere.

I will definitely be replacing the kitchen light and probably will re-cover the floor. Looking at the above picture I am now thinking the stove looks a bit small and I might have to scratch build a stove as well.

I think with the shelves it is starting to look a bit more like a kitchen. I will do a bit of research on Victorian kitchens later today but in the meantime it is time for housework!!!

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

By the way it is Father' Day in New Zealand today so happy (NZ) Father's Day to all you dads out there.