Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dance Comp and Indecision

Well today we travelled for our daughter Jamie to compete in a dance competition. It is her first competition for this year and she only competed in once dance - modern jazz solo 9 and under 11. She did really well and got a very highly commended.

We are always proud of Jamie and her ability to get on stage and compete or perform in front of people. She loves it.

We didn't take any photos today but this is Jamie competing
in the same category in another competition in October last year.

So, tomorrow Pete and Jamie take off for two nights/three days holiday, meaning I can have a bit of me time and craft time. Trouble is, I can't make up my mind about what I want to do.

I definitely want to finish painting the gallery exterior and I might have a go at making an artist's easel. However, I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head of miniatures I would like to try to make that I am almost unable to do anything at all for indecision. 

I'm also wondering if I should look at doing a giveaway, but realise that I need to create something worthy of 'giving away'.

I will let you know after my Easter break what I have achieved, hopefully something worthy of a blog entry.


  1. Jamie looks very happy and very cute in her dance costume!
    I know EXACTLY how you feel about your tiny bit of time... you just want to do everything and can't settle on anything!!! I have found over the years that when I am feeling indecisive or overwhelmed.... there is always One thing I am Sure about... and if I start there, no matter how trivial it seems... like attaching a doorknob... it settles me down and the rest of the ideas sort themselves out! It is really that panic that gets in the way! So I hope you enjoy your mini-vacation and I hope you have plenty to show for it when it is over... but even if you only get the one thing done... enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for that. You are right of course, one thing at a time and whatever I achieve I will be sure to enjoy it.

  2. Your daughter is so cute in her dance costume!
    Sharee, don't talk about all those ideas of making new miniatures, because there are plenty ideas in my head. I wish I had all the time of the world to make them, just like you :)! I agree with Betsy: every miniaturist has the same problem!?
    Firstly do what you love to do and have fun in miniatures. If you still can't make them then, go and visit other blogs for inspiration, it always helps me a lot when I have no inspiration :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona. I think my problem is too many ideas and not enough time. I do agree with you about other blogs being an inspiration though. I love looking at other blogs. There are so many talented people out there. Perhaps I'd have more time if I didn't enjoy looking at blogs so much!

  3. OMG! Jamie looks like a little doll. That's a great picture. She's very cute! Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Caroline. Jamie will get such a buzz out of your comment. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures of Charmed Cottage on your blog. I would love to make something like that at some stage. So cheerful inside and out.