Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm Back

Hi everyone. I've had a number of friends and family point out to me lately that I haven't blogged for five weeks. I won't make excuses. Life just took over and I lost my creative energy. So today I made a promise to myself that I would do something worthy of blogging about and make a blog entry by the end of the day.

I also have to confess that I am so far behind with reading the blogs I follow that there is no hope of catching up. You guys out there have been very busy blogging lately.
I needed to reorganise my craft room to fit a bed in as my mother is coming to stay for a few days so I thought that might be a good start to trying to find my creative energy - surely it might be buried somewhere in my craft room.
I spent a fair bit of time trying to reorganise my craft room so most of my dolls houses etc are along one wall of the room.
Here are a few photos of my room as it is now:

 I had spectators. Squiggle discovered the comfort of lying by a heater. Dash was a bit more cautious and is lying under the table behind Squiggle.

 The above four photos show the dolls house side of the room.
My Snow White house has gone up on a shelf on the wall.
 My work desk which can extend out bigger.
Even though I still have a bit to sort out I eventually decided I had better stop tidying and try and do something creative. After spending a bit of time trying to decide what I could create I came across a Petite Properties bookend kit and made a start. I didn't get too far with it but at least I have made a start.

I have painted the interior yellow. You only see glimpses of the inside through the windows and, to be honest, I feel like a bit of sunshine yellow at the moment.
Finally, I was speaking with a miniaturist friend the other day and she mentioned she had a mouse tin like mine (shown below). We have decided we will both start working on that project soon so I've started looking on Pinterest etc for ideas. If anyone has any good mouse house ideas I'd love you to point me in the right direction. I even want to make my own mouse characters for the house.
I must say I do feel good for doing a blog entry after leaving it for so long. Hopefully I might have found some of my creative energy again.
Have a good week.