Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just my Craft Room

Quite tired today and can't put my mind to anything too involved, but I am enjoying just pottering in my craft room. Jamie is sitting in here with me starting a journal. At the moment she is working on two pages about things she loves, one called 'I love Paris' and the other on nail polish. I've never been good at keeping a journal but I thought it would be good for Jamie and I to start a journal each. I'll start one later today. In the past I've done a page here and there but I am hoping the creative flow I am on at the moment might be conducive to my keeping a journal on a regular basis.

I started the day by giving my craft room a quick tidy. There is both an advantage and a disadvantage of having a small craft room, and both for the same reason, I have to keep it tidy or I don't have a space to work and can't find anything.

Then I flicked through some Antique Magazines I picked up through an on-line auction site. Two are dated 1924, one from 1926 and two from 1927. They themselves are 'antique' so I was intrigued to see what they contained. As well as being able to scan them to make some miniature antique magazines, I think I will get a lot of ideas from them.


One of them had a few pages on antique mirrors. Some of them were lovely and had pictures painted on the frames:

Another magazine had a section on Pennsylvania German Dower Chests (Part III):

And then of course there are some lovely pieces of furniture:
I also picked up a reprint of a huge 1927 Sears Roebuck Catalogue (reprinted in 1970 as apparently there was a huge surge of interest then for anything to do with the 1920s). 1927 is the year my Mum was born and Jamie and I are decorating Nana's house based on the year 1927.

I then spent some time on Pinterest. I've had an idea for a project floating around in my head for a while now with a theme of harvesting/preserving/baking. I suddenly realised Pinterest could be a good planning tool and I opened a 'Secret Folder' where I have pinned lots of photos related to that theme as inspiration for the project.

Many say that that through miniatures you can create your dream home/lifestyle etc where it may not be possible in real life. I think my ideal would be to have a bit of land and be semi self-sufficient, growing my own fruit and veges and preserving them/baking with them/crafting with them and growing lots of cutting flowers in my garden to bring into the home. So when I do get around to working on this project it will in some way reflect my ideal lifestyle. (Of course in that dream I would not have to work and any free time could be put towards miniatures).

I have just received in the post a mini Aquilegia kit from Georgina Steeds of the Miniature Garden Centre. Hopefully I will have a go at that later and will post a photo tomorrow, all going well.

As for the Selina Rose Gallery, I have bought some Water Colour Paper that hopefully with work as wallpaper and will look at that later too.

I have also received a resin kit in the post that I ordered and hopefully I might get a chance to experiment with that tomorrow.

I hope everyone is enjoying pottering with their miniatures today. Have fun.

PS: I've heard Google Reader will be no more from 1 July. I'm in a bit of a panic as that is how I view everyone's blogs, but I guess there are other ways of doing so. I'd have major withdrawal symptoms if I couldn't keep up with everyone's blogs.

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