Sunday, January 16, 2011

Current Projects

Well a week has gone by since my first blog. I have spent a lot of that time flicking through magazines for inspiration after winning 59 miniatures magazines in an on-line auction. Bliss, but not conducive to the actual creation of miniatures! I have also taken stock of projects underway, some of which were started around 15 years ago before I moved on to other things and took far too long a break from the hobby. The photo below is a corner house which I told my sister I would wire and decorate for her back in the early 1990s. I love my sister - she is so patient. If you are reading this Karen you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your house via this blog. I have checked all the wiring which still seems to be working and will now look at decorating it. Somewhere I have cardboard templates of all the rooms ready to go! There is a front door that will be hinged to the house which is away getting the windows cut out at the moment. 

Another project is the Joann Swanson project I mentioned in my first blog entry. I have put together the kits for the sideboard, holly wreath and table which I purchased from Hound Dog Studio. (Unfortunately no longer available).The kit is largely cardboard with faux cupboards and drawers and wooden top to the table and sideboard. The kits went together really well and it was fun trying to create an aged look to the furniture. It was painstaking but very rewarding gluing all the individual leaves to the holly wreath but I think the effect is well worth it. I created the little recipe book yesterday as an experiment.

I will keep you updated as to my progress with both of the above projects in future blogs.
I have also just wired a dollshouse my mother has passed on to my daughter that my father built when he was alive and I have the framework of a seaman's cottage that my father and I started back in the 1990s, so I have plenty to keep me busy for years to come - not to mention all the great ideas I am seeing in the magazines.
Until next blog - be creative and be happy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My First Blog

Hi there
I have started this blog for myself really. Being a busy wife, mum and law clerk, I am notorious for not finishing projects and putting other things before my own creative time. I am hoping that by blogging about my creative endeavours it will inspire me to complete projects and to extend myself creatively. I am just getting back into miniatures after about a 15 year break and I have been enjoying looking at other people's blogs for inspiration. There was no such thing as blogs back when I was doing miniatures in the early 90s. To date I have mostly been flicking through some magazines but not doing so much bum on seat miniature making. Time to really get going and enjoy some creative 'me' time. I have however started Joann Swanson's project Sugar and Spice from her blog I love Christmassy things! My ultimate aim is that, as well as getting back into miniatures myself, I will also hopefully inspire other miniaturists, crafters and busy people who would like to explore their creative potential to just have a go. I will keep you posted and will attach some photos soon.