Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gone to the Dogs...(and birds)

I had every intention of doing some miniatures last Sunday but my day didn't go as planned. I started out the day with one husband, one daughter, a dog and a cockatiel. I ended the day with three dogs, a cockatiel and two budgies (oh, and of course the husband and daughter)!

The budgies arrived first, fairly early in the morning. I love bird things and my 10 year old daughter Jamie decided to buy me two budgies for my birthday (which by the way isn't until September). Apparently she had to buy them now while there were some young budgies available. She saved her pocket money, made contact with the breeder (a friend's nana) and arranged delivery herself without either my husband or I having any idea of what she was up to. The first we knew about it was when they were delivered in a wooden box last Sunday morning. Luckily we had a spare cage out in the shed. While my husband and I are really proud of how resourceful and sneaky she was, we also let her know "never again". We are now considering building an outdoor aviary to put the budgies and cockatiel in to save having to vacuum so often! They are cute though. We've named them Blueberry and Feathers. Our cockatiel Ginger is quite enjoying having residents next door to his cage - some feathered friends to talk to. Jamie has asked that I put some photos of them on my blog, so here they are:

Anyway after settling the budgies in I thought I might get to do some miniatures after lunch. However, one phone call later from a family member needing to rehouse some much loved dogs and we found ourselves travelling to a city an hour away to meet some dogs needing a new home. The  intention was to possibly get a companion for our dog Jasper. An hour after our arrival and we were travelling home again with two dogs. Meet Scottie and Smudge. They are a bit bald at the moment as they have just been to the groomers. At the moment when I am in the craft room they live at my feet.

Smudge (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/Shih-tzu cross - two in August) and Scottie (West Highland Terrier/Shih-tzu cross - 9 months old).

Luckily our big dog Jasper (Labrador/Border Collie cross) has adjusted to the new residents, albeit a little worn out... sleep time...

I'm still shaking my head at the events of last Sunday but we are a happy family - three humans, three dogs and three birds.

Just had to share that with my blog friends. I promise the next post will be about miniatures.


  1. Oh, my! You have a regular Noah's Ark started over there!!! :O Cute! :D

  2. Oh, what a wonderful large heart you have, and you have passed it on to Jamie! I am so glad to hear (and see) that the dogs are settling in. I have a soft spot for animals that need homes. We lost our rescue dog about a year ago, and I have two cats that found their way to me after some trying times for them. Some time in the next few weeks, we will be going to a rescue fair to see which dog is waiting to come live with my mother and me. Any time you write about your animals is fine with me. Please give your dogs (and birds) a pat on the head from me.

    1. Thank you Neen. It sounds like some dog will be getting a wonderful home with you and your mum. I hope you will introduce him/her to us via your blog.

    2. That will be something to look forward to! My female cat adores dogs. When she came to live with me she fell in love with my mother's dog but my mother's dog died last year. My poor little cat wants a dog very badly, when she hears barking on TV, she runs to find the dog. So she will be happy when we adopt a dog. My male cat, not so much.

    3. LOL. I can so picture in my mind your little cat running to the TV when a dog barks. So sweet. Wouldn't that make a cute scene in miniature - a miniature cat standing against a TV watching a dog on TV!