Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thinking of Christmas... Meet Edward

First of all I must report in on my weekend to-do list. If you recall I had four items on my list:

1. To wallpaper a room in my vintage house The Laurels - achieved. See previous post.

2. To play with fimo.
I did have a play with fimo trying to make some candles but I wasn't satisfied enough with the end result to bake them or show them on my blog. We will just say that working with fimo is a work in progress.

 3. To get better organised by keeping a record of my projects, things I buy, ideas etc.
This will go on my next to do list! I just plain ran out of time last weekend.

4. To create 'tags' on my blog linking blog entries that relate - achieved. I worked out how to do this and started linking blog entries. Now hopefully if you click on e.g. Selina Rose Gallery on the label sidebar of my blog it will bring up all the entries relating to that label.

Three out of four isn't too bad.

Anyway on to more exciting news. I want you to meet Edward Elf who has travelled all the way from Germany to New Zealand. I recently saw a picture of some of the lovely mice Melanie Frank creates and thought I'd have a look on her Etsy site - and there he was. I just couldn't resist. He was lovingly packaged by his creator and arrived safely on my doorstep earlier today. He was waiting for me when I came home from work for my lunch break.

Malanie's blog is http://pippibaerenbande.blogspot.de

At the moment Edward is temporarily sitting on a cotton reel.

Edward is going to reside in a  Christmas project I will work on throughout the year to be housed in a lovely Christmas box I bought last Christmas that just begged me to buy it and turn it into a miniature project.

The box is so lovely I don't want to cover too much of it but my vision is that Edward is appointed by Santa as the Master Creator of Decorations who spends his year creating beautiful Christmas decorations to decorate the tree in the Christmas Village come December. I will probably also create a decorated tree to sit in front of the box when it is on display at Christmas.

The box has lovely images of decorations on it and I intend to highlight these by adding diamantes etc and making a feature of them. I envisage just having a few shelves on the back wall with some of Edward's creations. I have put a paper chain and small wreath in Edwards hands which I have made.

Enjoy the following images of Edward and his Christmas box:



  1. Amazing looking little guy! Your idea on the scene will look fantastic, cant wait to see more ;)

  2. What a cute little elf! Looking forward to seeing your project!

  3. I am very relieved Edward arrives in a good condition! I hope you´ll have a lot of fun with him and I´m looking forward to see more of him in this great Christmas box!

  4. wow-Edward is fabulous! I love the box you are using- gorgeous. I love the idea of this project- I look forward to seeing more of it's progress. the little wreath and paper chain are adorable :)

  5. I love the Christmas box idea! Edward is so cute. I already love that paper chain he's holding.
    Thank you so much for joining my other site! You are a doll!