Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Box Left on My Doorstep

Great excitement when I arrived home from work this afternoon. The courier had left a box on my back doorstep with the items I won at auction as mentioned in an earlier post. I waited for my daughter to get home from school and we opened the box and took out the little items.

I can now reveal the auction items were some Petite Princess (Ideal) miniatures. Petite Princess furniture was made between 1964 and 1968, so they are almost as old as I am! They are 3/4" scale. I saw some a while ago in a magazine and really liked them. I couldn't believe my luck when I came across these on a New Zealand on-line auction site. Unfortunately I missed out on a few pieces. I really wanted the Petite Princess piano but wasn't quick enough to grab that one. Still, I am really happy with what I got. It is a good start to a collection and Petite Princess items are relatively easy to find on Ebay. Now I just need a 1960s house of the right scale to put them in.
 Fireplace, planter and picture.

 Floor lamp and one of the chairs.

 Sideboard and another picture.

 Table and chairs. Oddly the table appears to have two different legs.
One of them has decoration around the bottom and the other doesn't.

 Bed, footstool and chaise.

 Four small tables.



  1. Oh, Sharee, what a find!!! I had that fireplace when I was young... and the buffet and a lime green curved sofa.... and several other pieces.... but they were the wrong scale for my dollhouse... (The Lovely Old Dollhouse) and even as a child I thought they looked ridiculous in the dollhouse! I was so disappointed! Needless to say we did not keep those furnishings.....
    I hope you find a Dollhouse the right scale for them!

  2. Wow, an excellent start to a collection! We also had the Petite Princess fireplace in our dolls house, and I think the dining table too. I haven't replaced them - I have 1/16th scale houses, but as an adult I'm not really comfortable with this opulent style of furnishing. Must have had different tastes when I was a kid! I do like the small tables, though - have been tempted by them! Look forward to seeing where they find a home - and who lives there! (We had a mixture of dolls, as well as a mixture of furnishings - some Dol-toi dolls, who seemed quite comfortable with the PP ;-) )

    1. I agree, they are rather opulent. I think in a way that is why I like them. They are so far removed from my actual taste in furnishings as far as my real house goes. I like quite 'simple' furnishings.

  3. what a wonderful find- you received a lot of really nice pieces!

  4. This is a wonderful find, Sharee, enjoy your purchases!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. These are amazing pieces, it will be wonderful to see them in place ;)

  6. Lovely pieces. My favourite is the chaise!

  7. Hi Sharee! What a lovely assortment of miniature Goodies! I love them all! In your photo of the 4 little tables, the one on the far left is just like one that I remember in my RL house when I was growing up. I remember it was in a really light wood and my mother wanted them dark so she and my grandmother, spent some time during a summer in the mid 60's stripping them down outside on the sidewalk and then re-staining them a mahogany red. It took them several days of good weather to get the job done! Ahhhhhh childhood.
    Congratulations on your new acquisitions, Sharee!


  8. Привет!
    Прекрасное приобретение! Поздравляю!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks Michelle. They are interesting pieces, a bit different to the norm. I hope to add to them and set them up in a house at some stage.