Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's the Weekend

Yeah, it's the weekend. I've decided I need to plan ahead a bit in the weekends and do a to do list as far as miniautres goes. I seem to achieve more that way, especially if I make my to-do list public.

So, this weekend I plan to:

Firstly, wallpaper one of the rooms in The Laurels. I've only wallpapered the nursery so far as I have got side-tracked with other projects. I have been prompted to do this via a challenge by one of the members on the Dolls Houses Past and Present site to pick something that you need to complete with regard to your miniatures, state it on the website and complete it this weekend. Thanks for the prompt.

Secondly, I want to have a play with fimo. I ran out of time to do that last weekend so that is on this weekend's to do list.

My third 'to do' is just to get better organised. I want to work out a method of keeping a record of my projects, things I buy, ideas etc.

Finally, I want to look at how to link different posts on my blog so, for example, if you want to just look at my blog entries on The Laurels or The Selina Rose Gallery you can just click on a link that will bring up all those entries.

Anyway that is my plan for this weekend. I'll let you know how I get on.

With regard to The Selina Rose Gallery, I've come across a slight snag (or perhaps I should say a sticky situation)! I decided to tear off the old electrical tape on the dolls house but it has left a sticky residue that I can't seem to remove. I have tried all sorts. I may resort to getting some brick paper or something  and just go over it. Because this has meant I haven't been able to complete painting the exterior yet, it also means I don't want to install the papers and floors in the house.  I'm a bit frustrated with it so I will give the gallery a miss this weekend and see what I can sort out during the week to get rid of the sticky residue. Sorry Sis.

I've just picked up an interesting item on the New Zealand online auction site, TradeMe. It is a pudding doll. Apparently in the late 1800s these were baked into cakes and puddings on special occasions. It was believed if you found one of these in your pudding it would bring you good luck (or a broken tooth). It is only 1 inch long. Very cute. It now resides in The Laurels.

Pudding Doll

 Pudding Doll with some of the other residents of The Laurels.

I hope you all have a great weekend doing what you love.


  1. That pudding doll is a great find. First time I ever hear of them. Have you tried liquid dishwashing soap on the stickiness? That and steel wool. It doesn't matter if you scratch it because you'll be painting on top of it, right? Just pour pure dishwashing soap on a rag and rub and rub. There's nothing like good old elbow grease to get rid of stuff like that.

    1. Thanks Lucille for the suggestion. I have tried liquid spot remover but it still didn't do the trick. It is the thing I have had the most success with so far though as it did remove some of the stickiness with a lot of rubbing. Perhaps I need to use a more abrasive cloth with it. I hadn't heard of pudding dolls either and was quite intrigued. Fancy finding one of them in your pudding.

  2. Sharee, I think your best bet is to google how to remove sticky residue. You're sure to find a solution. You might have to try many of them before you succeed. Good luck!

  3. Hi Sharee, I also never heard of the pudding doll, love that story about finding it in the pudding, but not for loosing a tooth ;)!!
    However the tiny doll is a treasure, congratulations!
    About the sticky residue, I am sorry I can't help you, because I do have a dollhouse but it isn't ready yet, it is just built and not yet decorated.
    Have a nice weekend and work on one thing at the time, I do that too, otherwise you get sidetracked :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Hi Sharee! I have never heard of pudding dolls either... crowns rings and other trinkets but not a doll! It is very cute and so tiny! As for the sticky ... have you tried plain rubbing alcohol? Sometimes it works well on the residue left from sticky labels... and if not that a stronger method might be turpentine.... (paint thinner) I wish you luck in getting it off!
    As for one project at a time... I have not been able to make myself be so Disciplined! I make lists... and jump in with whatever is calling "loudest" for my attention!
    I look forward to seeing your wall paper!