Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fantasy Upcycling and More

I spent a bit of time this weekend in my craft room. I had good company... the cats decided it was a bit wet outside today.

Dash has a new hiding place.

Squiggle likes to keep an eye on what I am doing.
You may recall amongst the lovely swap gifts I received from Drora this Christmas I got a little rubber boy - see below:

The upcycling residents of the briefcase have transformed him into a plant holder for their garden:

I also played around with some spare wood scraps and made a little hall mirror and shelf, shown here in the study of The Laurels:

Well that is it for today. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


  1. Hi Sharee! I Love your little hall mirror! It is Perfect for The Lauels, and the little garden statue of the stone boy is a very clever transformation! :D
    How and why is it that cats feel entitled to crawl into the tightest and tiniest cracks and crevices? They always seem to find doll's houses a good hideout, just like yours; but we still Love'em anyway! :D


  2. A los gatos les gustan las casas de muñecas para ser su escondite favorito, Dash es muy gracioso y me encanta como vigila el ordenador.
    Los regalos de Drora te han quedado divinos, ese niño de piedra con plantas para el jardin está precioso.
    Buen fin de semana
    Un abrazo

  3. Sharee,
    WOW, that was a great transformation of the little rubber boy, it definitely looks like a concrete planter! I love your little hallway mirror, so pretty, and of course those kitties are ADORABLE! They do love to squeeze themselves into tight spaces, so funny :-) Hope you have a great weekend.
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  4. Hello gorgeous cats! My Kiara used to sit with one paw extended like that, too :-)
    I love the hall mirror and shelf, very cleverly done. And I would never have thought of making a garden figurine from the rubber boy! Brilliant.

  5. Hola querida Sharee, me encanta tu cuarto de trabajo y esos adorables gatitos!! Los regalos de Drora son fantásticos. Un abrazo

  6. Hi Sharee! Your kittens are Too Cute!!!
    And your little "upcycling" projects are Very inventive! The little boy looks Perfect as a Garden planter! and the hall shelf is very well done.... it isn't easy to fit scraps together and make them look like they "belong" together... but you have accomplished it! I would never have imagined these were made from scraps!

  7. I like the transformation of the little rubber boy. It's a great idea.
    Your mirror is original.
    You have two beautiful cats.

  8. Now the little rubber boy found his real destination - what a great transformation! Mirror and shelf are perfect for the hall and about your cats... thank you for those wonderful photos!


  9. Tus gatos son una delicia. Preciosos regalos y buen trabajo.

  10. Sharee, love your imagination and a way you used a rubber boy as a planter stand! Mini hugs, Natalia

  11. I love upcycling and you did a great job of it!

  12. Great work! Your upcycling is fantastic, Sharee! xo Jennifer

  13. I love the shots of your kitties helping out ;) Oh a box a house a tube..whatever they can squeeze thier fuzzy butts in!

    I am glad your still working on your project and creating interesting new minis with supplies ;)


  14. How many wonderful houses you have! The yellow/orange house looks so interesting!! That workroom of your looks fantastic =)
    I just love the picture of the cat looking over your screen =)
    That boy looks good as a plant holder =)

  15. Awww! You have two very sweet cats! They look like my sister's cat. They are adorable! The little plant holder boy looks just like real stone. You did a marvelous job painting him. The mirror is so cute with that little shelf.

  16. Great plant holder! I think I am quite glad I have no cats....though the black one looks adorable in that attic.