Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fantasy Upcycling

I'm creating a little patch of fantasy where the residents are into 'fantasy upcycling'. My husband came up with that title for this project. I decided I wanted to keep on with experimenting with polymer clay today, especially after seeing Jane's recent inspirational post on her creations:
Then I saw the lid of a little box and for some reason I thought 'briefcase'.
By the end of the day I had made a start on a mini project to get me back into miniatures for 2015.
For your viewing, the briefcase residence:

I will be able to put a bulb inside this so it will glow at night but it will really just be a background piece in a little scene. I will find a few other items that the residents have upcycled to create items for their garden, e.g. a thimble as a plant pot etc. I want to have a go at making plants, flowers, toadstools, fungi etc to create a little fantasy woodland or garden scene.
I don't yet know who the upcycling residents are or what I will even put the scene on or in. Any ideas would be welcomed. I am thinking it will only be a fairly small project.
It is not really to a specific scale, it is fantasy afterall. The briefcase is approximately 11.5cm x 13.5cm. The briefcase is made from the lid of a box and a piece of cardboard covered with a piece of old roller blind. The door, window, chimney and handle are polymer clay and the lock is part of a metal hinge. I will probably touch up the leaves with a bit of paint. I'm not that happy with them - still it is all part of learning a new skill.
After seeing Jane's wonderful work I am even more determined to master working with polymer clay.
I hope you are all having a good weekend. I can't do any miniatures tomorrow as I have family commitments but I am looking forward to continuing with this project as and when I can during the week.
Will keep you posted as to progress.


  1. Oh Sharee! Just so wonderful hon! I LOVE the little twigs and leaves popping off the door and window! So well done lady!

    I love the idea for this project! I of course will suggest using clay in combination with found objects, You know you can bake clay right on things that can be heated :)

    Love the idea as thimbles as pots small coins as tables or bases, stamps as pictures

    The book illistrations from "The Borrowers" comes to mind here!

    I look forward to your romp into bitty worlds!

  2. Esa puerta cerrada del maletín me produce intriga... ¿Quién vivirá ahí dentro? es mágico, puedes hacer una escena preciosa,
    Este fin de semana de amigos te da la oportunidad de pensarlo mejor, quedará precioso.
    Un abrazo

  3. I love this =) And I think it shows that you got some inspiration from the wonderful Jane =) The bulb inside sounds great =)
    I look forward to see more =)

  4. Many thanks to Jane - for inspiring you to start this lovely project... and of course to your husband for coming up with the perfect name. You had me at once with "fantasy" *LOL* and I'm really looking forward to what you're going to make. As for the inhabitants I would think in the range of mice because mice are always very good upcyclers (Think of the Disney movies like Robin Hood or The Rescuers, Tom + Jerry or of Maggie Rudy's Mouses Houses...) But it's your project and you will come up with the perfect solution! ;O)


  5. Hi Sharee! There is nothing like a good dose of Inspiration to get you back into the swing of things and I do AGREE, Jane's latest post is Fantastic! She is so good at what she does and is a Great Source of what is possible with polymer clays. I admire your cleverness of converting a box top into a briefcase and the crooked little smoke stack is Adorable! I think that you are off to a really good start with your new project. Good on Ya!


  6. It looks great already! Nice work, Sharee! I'm looking forward to seeing more, especially the upcycling part--too fun! xo Jennifer

  7. I knew you would take to polymer clay like a duck to water. You have a good eye for design and your first steps are good so I will look forward to some amazing things from you =0) I like the idea of a fantasy piece. Your imagination can run wild!

  8. Hi Sharee! It's great to see you back to making things... and this little briefcase house is Enchanting!!! I LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see what else you will add to this Fantasy Garden!