Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Weekend

Woke up Saturday morning feeling a bit down with all the stresses we are facing at the moment. I've had to have a real think about my hobby with our current financial situation and have made the decision to sell a lot of my vintage miniatures. The good thing is I will now focus on making miniatures. Anyway, I picked up my laptop to check my emails, blogs etc and soon had a smile on my face. Look here to see why:

Yes, I am one of the lucky winners of a giveaway from Jane of Minifanaticus. The hutch she has made far exceeds the vision I had in my mind's eye when I put the idea in her blog comments section of her giveaway post. I will put some pictures on my blog when it arrives. I spent quite a bit of time after reading of my win looking at images on Pinterest planning out a little scene to house the hutch in. That will be my next little project.

Talking of projects I did do a bit more to the Upcycling Project as you can see below but my heart just isn't in that project at the moment so it will go on hold until I'm ready to carry on with it. It didn't help that after I had done all the grass area a box fell on it and took half the grass off and flattened some plants!

Sorry, I didn't realise what a bad photo this was until I loaded it. I have added some large plants at the back to give the effect of it being a little environment within a full sized garden, a cork with beer bottle top for a table and two golf tees for seats, some game counters for stepping stones and the frame of a pocket watch which will become a fish pond. I will get back to this when I have learnt a bit more about making flowers. My daughter won't let me away with not finishing this project as she loves it.
Talking of making flowers I had a lovely afternoon last Sunday with the only other miniaturist that I know of in my town. Susan and I decided to meet and have a go at making flowers. The truth is we mostly talked and used our punches to punch out flower parts. We didn't actually produce any flowers on the day. So saying it was a fabulous afternoon and we set ourselves a challenge to produce some flowers before we next meet.
Therefore today I thought I had better try and make some flowers. After a lot of failed attempts I did produce two delphiniums and one tiny rose that I was reasonably happy with. I then decided I'd better create something to put them in. While our challenge was to make a flower arrangement I chose to create a trug to place my flowers in.
I also produced a little jug which I filled with some little flowers I made a few weeks ago. I'm not very happy with either the jug or the flowers but there is potential in both with a bit more work.
Anyway I'd better go as it is way passed when I should have gone to bed but I was determined to get a blog post done this weekend. Busy with family commitments and Dance Mum commitments next weekend. Hopefully might find a little time next Sunday afternoon to do some minis.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Happy creating.


  1. Hi Sharee, Congratulations on winning the hutch! It looks fabulous and I can't wait to see what you build for it! I can relate to the need to put aside the hobby when family and finances have needs... but it will wait for you! I do hope you will finish the little up- cycled garden... I also love what you are doing with it! It shows such imagination and fanciful use of everyday things!

  2. Congratulations on winning the beautiful hutch, which Jane has created especially for you, enjoy it :D! I've already seen it on her blog and it looks gorgeous!
    But your mini scene is wonderful too, I do love the black front gable of the house! The flowers you've made look great, I know that flower making in miniature is difficult. Practising is the magical word ;)!
    Your little trug looks so pretty, filled with the delphiniums and the tiny rose.
    I hope my comment has cheered you up a bit, take good care for yourself, Sharee!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  3. El armario es precioso, ha llegado cuando necesitabas una alegría.
    me gusta verte animada a pesar de las circunstancias, eso lo hará todo más fácil.
    Espero ver más minis y ese armario cunado llegue.
    Un abrazo

  4. I'm so sorry that your financial situation is so stressful still, Sharee. Do let us know when and how you will be selling the vintage miniatures you decide to let go - you have some interesting and lovely pieces! Hopefully you'll get far more than you paid for some of them, so your initial outlay will have been a good investment. Making miniatures is a good hobby in that you can make wonderful things from almost nothing - that was a general 'you', but in your case specifically, you have both the inspiration and the skill to really make wonderful things, as we know well from following your blog :-) Take care.

  5. I love the wooden basket especially! :D Congrats on the win! She does fabulous work.

  6. I love the basket with flowers. Hugs, Melli

  7. I've already admired the stunning hutch Jane has created after your suggestions and felt very happy for you... but now I see Jane could not have chosen anyone better because you sounded being in need for something to brighten your day. I'm with your daughter - you really have to finish your fantasy project. It's okay to put it aside for a while if you're not in the mood for it... but it's so full of wonderful ideas (the stepping stones, the furniture - great) that you really should go on with it. Have a great time - and especially with making flowers. Your first attempts look so pretty, I really like your trug.


  8. Enhorabuena por ese armario que te llegará en breve. Seguro que te anima.
    Las flores que has hecho son bonitas. Yo también estoy aprendiendo y cuesta manejar esas piezas tan pequeñas.

  9. I am sorry you have to sell your vintage minis, but you are so talented, I know your creations will continue to astonish us! Xx

  10. I do hope you enjoy your little creation. Maybe it will inspire you to create some new fantasy bits to replace the ones you will sell.

    I know your hand made minis are wonderful and I do hope you can have some crafty time to keep your imagination chugging! Your upcycle scenes is wonderfuly full of magic!

    The flowers are looking fantastic and perfect for this new season!

  11. Your new minis are amzing. I really like the wooden basket.
    Congrats on the beautiful win.

  12. CONGRATULATIONS Sharee! I am so happy for you winning Jane's hutch!!!! :D
    I know that you are going to have so much pleasure building a scene around it too!
    Your garden trug is Adorable and so are the flowers that you have made. It seems that Spring is in the air, Hooray!


  13. Sorry you are going through hard times. But it's the time when you're most creative. Funny how that works! It will get better. Won't be long now. You'll be stronger and better off than ever. Stay in faith!
    Congratulations on the win. It's just the perfect little "pick me up" you need.
    Your flowers are so cute!

  14. Hi Sharee, Sorry you are going through difficult times. On the upside, selling your vintage miniatures will help clear your space and energy for other projects. I love looking at your recent creations. The flowers are so colorful and cheery, brightening my mood. Congrats on your wonderful win! I can hardly wait for you to receive it! xo Jennifer