Friday, February 27, 2015

AmeriCARna 2015

AmeriCARna passed through our town again today. About 600+ American cars or American themed cars such as hot rods drove into our town about 1.00 pm today to display their cars and take part in various events. I popped my head out of work briefly and saw a few of the first cars drive into the town centre. They stayed until close to 5.00 pm when they started heading off for their next venue. My daughter Jamie and I walked to the round-about down the road from us that exits onto the Highway and took turns at taking photos. I really enjoyed the quality time we shared taking photos together.

Here are just a few of those photos. Sorry to those who are not into cars. I have to admit I am not a car enthusiast but I enjoy watching the cars leaving amidst toots, oogahs, flags fluttering, people waving and the enthusiasm of the participants and the onlookers.



I've decided I'm rather fond of the good old Ford pick-up trucks.

This is a link to the AmeriCARna site:

This is a link to the video on my blog that I put together after the 2014 AmeriCARna:

I have a fairly busy weekend with a family event and Jamie has a dance session both Saturday and Sunday to learn a new competition dance but hopefully I might find a little time on Sunday to do some minis.

Have a good weekend everyone. Of course it is already late Friday night here in New Zealand whereas some of you are a day behind - your weekend is coming though. Enjoy it.


  1. I'm not a huge car fan but I do enjoy seeing the classics. Don't they have such style, something that is lost on more modern vehicles. Have a lovely weekend Sharee =0)

  2. Hi Sharee, I enjoyed looking at the classic car photos too. What beautiful colors and style. You don't see many of these around in the US anymore. The only ones we see frequently nowadays are the school bus and police car. Have a great weekend! xo Jennifer

  3. Not being a car buff either, I can only comment that these owners have certainly taken good care of their investments! The cars look Great and looked Loved and the people Look Very Happy. And that is what it is all about! :D


  4. Ususally I regard a car as something that shall carry me from here to there... *LOL* - but looking at special ones like Oldtimers or that gorgeous school bus was fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures - and have a great weekend, hopefully with plenty of time for doing what you like.


  5. Just like Pepper I'm also not a huge car fan, but I loved to see the golden oldies, Sharee, thanks for showing these pictures :D! And yes, I remembered the video of last year.....
    Wishing you a great weekend too :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Wow, there's some spectacular models there! and from quite a few eras, too. I'm not into cars, but do enjoy seeing vintage cars tootling along, and this is a wonderful lineup!

  7. Son eventos bonitos, mi hija y yerno les gustan los clásicos, los Volswagen escarabajos y furgonetas de los hippies.
    Gracias por compartir tus fotos.
    Un abrazo

  8. Wonderful shots, there were some real bute's rolling through ;) Funny to see the schoolbus!

    We love old cars as well, some great big shows here at the fairgrounds hundreds of cars from all over the world ;)