Friday, January 10, 2014

Update on Selina Rose Gallery

I am waiting for paint to dry... on one of the items for the pending giveaway that I will be announcing on Sunday.

While waiting I thought I would do a quick post on progress with the Selina Rose Gallery.

In my last update on the Gallery I was uncertain how I would treat the exterior of the building. Daydreamer commented on my post suggesting: "... make it a bit like her home? or your childhood home?".

My sister has a wonderful white Art Deco styled home and our childhood home was white stucco with a green corrugated iron roof.

The Selina Rose Gallery now has a white stucco exterior with a green roof (albeit wooden and not corrugated iron).

I have also installed a flickering fire and lights (LED battery lights) and have added a few extra accessories.

(Sorry for the quality of the photos. It is a bit dark to be taking good photos but I wanted to get this post done.)

The attic studio now has a flickering fire, a few extra paintings scattered around, some art pads and a container of pencils. I will be adding some more art supplies.
I scaled down an 'Artists' magazine to go in the chill-out room. My sister loves her books and magazines so I had to have at least one in the Gallery. I will probably make some more magazines and one or two art books.

 I've also added one of Karen's paintings in a gold frame in the chill-out room.
 The desk now has some fan mail from art admirers and an order book. I still need to add some flowers in the vase.
 I have installed these green frosted lights in the bottom two floors being the gallery space.
 There is a much simpler light installed in the chill-out room.
The exterior. The door is not yet attached it is just sitting there. I still have a few touch-ups to make to the stucco and I need to decide what I am going to do with the windows and door.
 Like the door, the roof panel is just sitting there and not yet attached. I think I may need to add another coat of paint to the roof pieces.

A close-up of the stucco. There are a few places around the windows and doors where I haven't taken the stucco in far enough and there are little gaps I need to fill.
Now I just need to decide how to treat the windows and door. There are always decisions to be made!


  1. Sharee, you've made quite a bit of progress on this. I love the artwork on the easel in the first picture. The gallery is so inviting too. You are really doing such a great job on this. Thanks for sharing your progress photos.
    Lisa :-)

  2. Hooray for lights!! The stucco finish looks wonderful! :D

  3. Everything is perfect.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Love the exterior and the green light! Also the little touches like the fan mail and magazine. It promises to be warm and welcoming!

  5. Wonderful work! The stucco looks great and the trim on the windows make them look perfect! I do love seeing pieces like pencils and books strewn about it makes it feel as if the tiniest person just passed by ;)

  6. I love that wallpaper in the attic!