Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goals for 2014 (and probably way beyond)

Please forgive me. This is largely a post for myself - to hold me accountable. I have made a New Years Resolution to:

  • Complete the Timeless Toys Project for the Undersized Urbanite Contest by May; and
  • To complete unfinished projects and unmade kits (UFOs).
To be honest I gave myself a heck of a fright when I had a good look through my craft room and started compiling a list.

I have not included anything to do with my blog or miniature swaps. I love blogging and love following other blogs. That is on-going...

I have printed out each item on my to-do list and have added them on to a ring. As I complete them I can take the relevant item off the ring. Hopefully by the end of the year I will only have a few items left to do (of course knowing me I will probably also have added some new UFOs along the way). The ring of 'to-dos' and my complete To-Do List will sit by my computer so I cannot 'overlook' it!

You do not have to read through this list. As I say this list is to keep me accountable.

MY 2014 TO-DO LIST (in no particular order other than priorities):


1. Complete Selina Rose Gallery

2. Do Timeless Toys project to be completed by May for the Undersized Urbanite Contest

3. Complete 'Paper Mini' Toy kits for Timeless Toys (10 kits)

4. Complete Jean Day Toys kit

5. Type up Family Poems & send to family (long long overdue)


6. Clean and wallpaper The Laurels, add flooring and make any minor repairs (antique house)

7. Jeannetta Kendall Holly Kit (make up Holly for use in other projects)

8. Miniature Garden Centre Bay Tree Kit

9. Jane Harrop French Side Table Kit

10. Jane Harrop Noah's Ark Kit

11. House of Miniatures Mirror Kit

12. Complete Sugar & Spice Christmas Scene

13. Wallpaper the Amersham and add flooring & attend to minor repairs to roof (antique house)

14. Complete soft sculptured Camel

15. Complete 'Star' Rag Doll (own design)

16. Do 'Paper Minis' Book Kits (25) and complete Book Box Library Scene

17. Complete Mill Hill Bead and Needlework 'Toy Shop' picture

18. Miniature 'Sampler' kit in 48 count silk gauze

19. Help Jamie finishing shingling of roof of dolls house given to her by Nana


20. Do Edward's Christmas Box

21. Scene in old kettle

22. Create house for Marlon

23. Petite Properties Book-ends Kit

24. Set up a good filing system for miniature related papers and records

25. Experiment more with resin in miniatures

26. Pincushion Needlework Kit

27. Beaded Keyring Kit (instructions in Japanese!)
28. Two large felt and stitchery Christmas stockings (2 in the kit)

29. Organise all my embroidery cottons


29. Crochet

30. Needle-felting

31. To use my Dremel

32. To use my Scroll Saw

33. Adobe Photoshop Elements (photo editing)

34. Adobe Premiere (video editing)

Quite a list isn't it.

Oops, I've just found two partly made Teddy Bears that need completing. They might have to go on next year's list!


  1. That's a list alright! I wish you all the best with it. I know you can totally get it done. You are just amazing that way.
    Happy New Year! I hope it's filled with amazingly good things for you and your family.

    1. Thank you for your confidence in my ability to work through the list Caroline. It is much appreciated.

  2. Sharee, I am not going to put my list on a ring like yours! I would have to have a ring about twice as big as yours... I will however, join you in trying to whittle down my list...a little...maybe... Let's get started!

    1. Challenge accepted Casey. I am sure you will do well whittling down your list a bit. You seem a bit more disciplined than I am, but I am working on it!

  3. Looks like you have a very busy year ahead of you. I find your list very inspiring. Now I think I will make one of my own. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    1. I wonder if you will be as surprised as I was at how many unfinished projects/kits I had when you compile your list Lucille. I found kits I had forgotten about! I am looking forward to ticking off items on my to-do list.

  4. That is quite a list! Have you colour coded the pieces of paper on the ring to know the priorities? When you have learned to use the Dremel, will you teach me? :-) I have one too, still looking pretty in the box!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing lots of finished projects this year on your blog!!

    1. Hi Veronique. No I haven't colour coded the pieces of paper, although I did think about it. I do however have the complete list under priority headings on the wall by my computer as well as the strips of paper on the ring. My husband brought me my Dremel last Christmas and I still haven't learnt to use it. I am excited about its possibilities but also a little scared of it. Silly isn't it. If I find some good tutorials I will post the links on my blog.

    2. Also a bit scared! To the point I even "forget" I have it! After I used the big macho saw (the "let's cut a Christmas tree" kind) to saw the baby rattle, I suddenly realised it would have been a piece of cake with the Dremel....

  5. Sheree, don't be afraid! Just keep your fingers away from the working end. It is a lifesaver for drilling holes for wicker. That's an easy way to start. Be brave and go for it!

    1. LOL. Thanks for the tip Casey. You are right of course. I just need to sit down and have a go.

  6. I wish you all the best for 2014! May all your dreams and wishes come true!
    Oh my gosh! What a biiig to do list! I hope you can realize all your plans this year!

    1. Hi Melli. Yes, it is a big list but I am not stressing about it. My goal is to tick off as many items as I can in 2014. If I had set a goal to complete the full list in 2014 then I would be in big trouble! After the initial shock I actually found it quite a good exercise to go through.

  7. Holymoly, Sharee! That is some to-do list! I admire you for breaking it down into doable bits but there is a lot! I have only one thing on my list and that is to get the kitchen and the staircase started! I wonder if You will be through your list before I get the one thing crossed off on mine! Hah! :D
    Have a wonderful New Years Sharee!


    1. I very much doubt I will finish the list before you complete your one to-do item Elizabeth. You are such a good worker. Therein lies my problem. I am a procrastinator and am not always brimming with confidence in myself that I can do things - hence the big UFO list. However, I have decided enough is enough. I am going to be pro-active, active, reactive... whatever it takes to get through that list. Then I will feel more free to work on whatever project I want to in the future.

    2. Sharee! I am a Big Procrastinator too! I am full of fear and self doubt. I always think I can't do it or I won't do it as well as I want to, and then I just don't do it at all. Things sit for months before I work up the courage to try! It is only once I begin that I make myself keep going so it may look like I am a "good worker" but looks Can be deceiving! :) I am not a good example at all :( But I have learned that we all have our own way of doing things and this way, although it is not the best way, is mine. hahahah


  8. Dear Sharee, You are surprising! Fancy making a list and checking it twice and Christmas is already past or or 355 days away.
    I have been working on my mini house off and on since around 1991. I have no anxiety about finishing it as I love the hobby and also love all the other things I can spend time on.
    I do limit myself in the way I do not acquire more things but try first to use what I have! Sounds as if you can shop in your own hobby room for the next few years!
    Have fun.
    regards Janine

    PS. re using Qtips for candle sticks. Cut one of your Qtips - if it is hollow it is the right sort to use. You can pull a thread through and glue it in. When it is dry trim the wick and put a dot of black paint on the edge for the burn mark. It is quite convincing.
    If your Qtips are not hollow buy some at the dollar store. It is usually the cheap ones that are plastic and hollow! Elizabeth taught me so many of these little tricks! As she says she calls herself a procrastinator but I think she is just having deep thoughts and then once she has sorted it out in her mind so just produces like crazy! J.

    1. Hi Janine. Thank you for the 'how-to' on the Q-tip candles. I will be studying the Q-tips next time I am at the supermarket. Also, I suspect you are correct about how Elizabeth works. As Elizabeth said, we all have our own ways of doing things. I agree with you that it is good to try to use what you have before buying new things. I have been trying to 'make-do' while working on my sister's gallery. It is surprising what ideas you can come up with if you really put your mind to it. So far, apart from lights I have ordered and one window replacement I have largely used what I already had. So, as you suggest, I will first try to 'shop' in my hobby room first. Your house is fabulous and it is nice to hear you are happy working on it over time in amongst your travels and other interests. Have a wonderful New Year. I look forward to watching further progress on your wonderful house.

  9. Buon lavoro Sharee! Le idee che hai in mente sono molte...
    Auguri di Buon Anno!

  10. Wow that is some list. I also have crochet and felting on my To-Do-List this year :).

  11. I wish much success in implementing the projects on your list! It's a lot of work!

  12. has acertado el juego en mi blog y además tienes allí otros premios ...feliz año nuevo!

  13. Feliz Año 2014, que pueda concretar sus proyectos!!!!!

  14. Sharee what a idea to make a to do list for 2014! And a happy New Year!
    I look forward to see for your toyshop.


  15. Wow, Sharee, what a nice big list. It will make you busy for the whole year! You have a lot of different interests and this is what makes out hobby interesting! good luck! I will be following your blog with a big interest and waiting a report from you of what you have accomplished at the end of this year. Have fun! Mini hugs, Natalia