Sunday, January 26, 2014

Giveaway - Second Draw Prize

I said that if I reached 100 followers before my giveaway draw date that I would come up with a second prize, so I've been busy this weekend.

Anyone who has entered or enters my giveaway at is automatically eligible for this second draw prize. There will be two draws - the first being for the shelf prize - the second being for the firescreen prize shown below.


 The prize is the fire screen, picture, coal bucket and wood holder.

The firescreen with antique wallpaper decoration. You can see more about this wallpaper on my post for the giveaway.

The back of the fire screen.

Coal bucket and wood holder. These are both made of card.. (Please note the wood will not be included or I might get in trouble with customs!)


 For the picture I just mounted another scrap of the wallpaper behind this lovely frame. It could easily be removed if you wanted to put another picture in the frame.


I've also added a few more of my sisters' scaled down paintings into the Selina Rose Gallery today. All in all a very productive weekend.

Next weekend will be the draw of my giveaway.


  1. Share, your firescreen is lovely! Could you give us a tutorial on it? Thanks!

    1. Neen, I'd be more than happy to do a tutorial. I just used scraps I had and made it up as I went so I'll need to sit down and work out the tutorial. I've also been asked to do a tutorial on the rose basket I did recently, so I see some tutorials coming in future blogs.

  2. Sharee, this is so generous of you. The fireplace screen is beautiful & I too would love to see the tutorial when you get time in the future.

  3. Your firescreen is amazing.
    Hug, Faby

  4. Wow Sharee, you have made some wonderful miniatures for your give away. I love the fire screen and the painting frame!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. What lovely giveaways The fire screen looks so elegant! The wallpaper gives the picture and screen a awesome canvas effect, that's a really great idea!

  6. Hi Sharee, this is gorgeous! I love the fire screen but also the coalbucket! So very generous!!

  7. Lovely giveaway. I'd love these for my victorian house that I am building. Please count me in. I will put a link on my blog. IndyPoppy

  8. Great gallery! And the second prize looks wonderful =)

  9. The second prize looks as lovely as the first--yippee! Your gallery looks so nice too--great job on both counts! xo Jennifer

  10. Es maravilloso, ya son más de 100 seguidores, Un excelente trabajo.

  11. Congratulation for 104 followers! That´s a great reason to celebrate!
    I love this coal bucket and the wood holder. it is really beautiful.
    It reminds me of warmth and coziness.. we need this here this time. It is sooooo cold in Germany today. What´s the weather in New Zealand this time. Do you have "real" winters with snow and ice like we have?

    1. Hi Melli. In New Zealand at this time it is summer. Today is lovely and warm at approximately 22 degrees celcius, yet we have just had a few cooler days. I'm not an expert of weather but I do know that New Zealand's seasons do not have large variations in temperature compared to other parts of the world. Temperatures within New Zealand vary with the far north averaging much higher temperatures than the far south. Alpine temperatures can be reached in mountainous areas in winter. Most snow in New Zealand just falls in the mountain regions. In general New Zealand has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall and many hours of sunshine. The coldest months are usually June, July, August and the warmest months are usually December, January, February. I live in the South Taranaki region of New Zealand. I would guess the average South Taranaki summer temperatures would be in the 19 - 23 degrees celcius range. Winters are mild with average temperatures around 9 -12% degrees celcius.

  12. I love the fire screen and other and other fire place accessories you made. The picture frame is gorgeous. Congratulations for your now over 100 followers!
    Hugs, Drora