Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thinking of You

For all my blog friends who are suffering freezing temperatures at the moment please take care. Snuggle up to a teddy bear, a pet or a loved one. Spend lots of time doing your miniatures or other things you love, bake lots of cookies by the warmth of the stove and make hot drinks to sip by the fire or heater (or even better let someone make one for you). Thinking of you.

(© Jenny Rollo)


  1. Thank you Sharee! We are cold but it has been much colder here! This morning it was zero (F) and today it got up to 15.... it's the wind that hurts! (And it would be nice if the building I worked in had a good heating system.... they took out the old reliable one and put in a new "energy efficient" one... but it seems unable to keep the building warm on cold windy days... and we have a LOT of those!) I know it is much colder than usual for many people much further south who aren't accustomed to it. So I can't complain... right now it is sort of normal here! But thank you for your thoughtful post!!!

  2. Thank you, Sharee, you are so sweet. Even though it is not as cold here as on the east of the country, I have a lot of compassion for all people who is suffering from the cold.

  3. Thank you, Sharee. Our temperatures are rising here, so I can't complain. It is so thoughtful of you to post this message and it warms my heart :-)

  4. Thanks hon! Its bearable now above freezing but I am officially done with cold weather and winter...I have decided to sleep for 2 months ;P

  5. Thanks, Sharee! Actually I am a winter loving person and I love the cold weather. I even go for long walks in it. I just bundle up and I'm okay. I'm not okay in the summer though as I do not like the warm, humid weather my city is known for!

  6. I can't even imagine being that cold! It's not my type of weather. Hope you are doing well and having fun.