Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Craft Space

I say craft space as over the years I have dabbled in quite a few crafts and still have bits and pieces of my other crafts around e.g. bookbinding, paper-crafts, porcelain and cloth doll making, bear making, beading and embroidery - a bit of a jack of all trades and master of none. Every now and then I see a craft project that just begs me to have a play. However, at the moment my creativity is heading 95% in the direction of miniatures.

As said in my last blog, I now have a dedicated room for my creative endeavours, albeit very small at approximately 1.8m x 3m, but it is all mine - and I can shut the door on it. What is more, I have sorted through all my craft supplies and for now I am reasonably organised. Long may it last.

My craft room is housed in a small office that leads off our lounge, and I do have to confess the dolls houses have crept out into the back corner of the lounge. Luckily our lounge is huge. Here are my dolls houses awaiting restoration outside my craft room.

The above picture is a bit crooked, but it shows one side of my craft room with my large glass front cabinet holding lots of mini items and some of my vintage items I have collected. It also houses buttons, ribbons, lace, embroidery cottons etc . The brown chest of drawers houses paints, glues, tapes, stationery and the like with a book case sitting on top. There is also a little shelf tucked in the corner with some mini projects on it. In the foreground you can see my main work desk.

Tucked on the shelf in the corner is this little room box I made back in the 1990s when I had my first dabble in miniatures. I saw the little figure in a cake decorating shop and I made this for my Dad who was a cabinet maker. He loved helping my Mum and myself make miniatures at the time. As Dad is no longer with us I treasure this piece as it is a reminder of the special times we had sharing a hobby together. The unpainted house in the top picture was made by Dad for my Mum. She has now handed the house down to my daughter Jamie. Jamie would like me to work with her to do the house up as a collectable house rather than a play thing. I asked her what era she would like to do the house up in and she asked me when Nana was born. I said 1927 and she said then that was the date she wanted her house to be based on. I thought that was a lovely idea, so we will start doing some research. I am sure Nana will get a lot of enjoyment at watching its progress too.

This picture shows the other side of my craft room, again with the white desk in the foreground. The grey desk would usually hold a computer as well but unfortunately my old computer gave up the ghost recently so I am sharing one with my daughter at the moment. The plastic drawers hold my tools. The corner house is the house I am doing up for my sister which will house an art gallery showing her paintings in miniature. She is an awesome artist and I hope she will let me scale some of her art work down for my miniature projects as well.

Just in case you are wondering, I haven't managed to get everything into my small space. I'm good at organising but not that good. Any miniaturist will know we tend to hoard a bit. This is part of the wardrobe in our spare bedroom. As you can see it holds wood, wallpapers, tools, etc. It also holds dolls house electrical items, landscaping items, polymer clay and other bits and pieces.

 Well that is my craft room. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Now to get creating and actually produce some miniatures in it.


  1. Hello Sharee, What a nice and roomy space to work your crafts! I am soo envious of this much room. You have a nice collection of materials at the ready as well as a clean and usable work table..How totally wonderful. More Great things things to come! Thanks for sharing it!


  2. P.S. The doll's houses are all lovely but the one on the little table with the interesting roof is Fabulous! It looks old, but is sooo pretty. Good times with you and your daughter as you both explore the mini decorating venture together!