Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HAPPY - A visit by the Postman

A song hitting our airwaves at the moment is Happy by Pharrell Williams. It is a catchy tune and you find yourself smiling and bopping along listening to it.

As many of you know it has been a bit of a tough start to the year for us with my husband losing his job and being unemployed for six months (thankfully now employed again). It has meant a change to our lifestyle and pretty much a nil budget for miniatures.

Therefore I was extremely happy when a parcel of miniatures arrived in the post the other day from Barcelona. I was even happier when I opened the parcel and saw the items inside.

The parcel was from Sandra of La Casita Pequena and contained items I had won in her recent giveaway. While I knew what I was receiving the items were even better than the pictures on her blog showed in her giveaway post:

Sandra thank you so so much. I love everything and your workmanship is exquisite.

This is what that parcel contained:

The items were packaged in a lovely orange box (photo of lid only) which happens to be my 'happy' colour.

 This was what was inside.
A beautiful hydrangea in a pot - and I love hydrangeas.
 A family book and an old newspaper.
The family book is wonderful and has pages of family certificates.
 A little drawer containing a stack of postcards.
 A beautiful orchid.

 A lovely pitcher.
 A cute cluster of tiny candles.
 A bag of rubbish.
 A fruit crate and a coloured base.
Having a play I turned the fruit crate over with the base on top as a table.
And a little surprise (as it wasn't included in the giveaway description) a delightful little daisy in an apple tin.

Do check out Sandra's blog. Her miniatures are exquisite. I love her Urban Trash project, perhaps because I have two naughty little kittens:

So, you can understand why I am happy.

Wishing you happiness too.


  1. Ha-ha. Only in our hobby can a gift of a bag of rubbish be an exciting thing ;0) Lovely gifts from Sandra. I especially love the Family book.

  2. Felicidades por estos regalos tan estupendos. Disfrútalos mucho

  3. How absolutely gorgeous! I'm so happy for you receiving such lovely gifts to cheer the tough times you've had.

  4. las cositas de Sandra merecen verse en la mano, te felicito

  5. Felicidades, son unos regalos estupendos...Disfrutalos. Un beso

  6. Congratulations for winning this great prize! Enjoy your lovely gifts. So nice an ending for the hardships you and your family had to go through.
    P.S. I love Sandra's Urban Trash project.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. What a gorgeous giveaway win! Beautiful, detailed minis, and some in your happy color--it couldn't have been more perfect! Congratulations, and have fun playing with your new treasures. xo Jennifer

  8. Hi Sharee! What a Desireable gift! Everything is so charming even the bag of trash! :D
    I love hydrangeas too and the display in the tub is wonderful!! I have always found the flowers in the food tins, irritable and I love that she included that as a bonus. All the items are related and really compliment each other. How nice to win such a splendid gift at this time.
    Congratulations on your husbands job situation. That no doubt, is an answered prayer.


  9. Sharee dear, I'm glad that your husband has found work. And very nice package items received!

  10. Congratulations on winning all these gorgeous gifts. Enjoy all your new treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  11. Only in miniature a bag of garbage can be nice... ;O) Congrats on winning this awesome giveaway, all your prices look very nice, Sandra is one talented lady for sure. No surprise you've had a happy day!


  12. What a wonderful feeling it must have been to open these beautiful treasures! You deserve a bit of happy after all the stress of the last year.

    I hope you get some time to enjoy your hobby again, congratulations on the hubby work it must be rewarding for him as well!
    Hugs and pats around! ~J

  13. It's always fun to receive a parcel, but even more fun when it contains beautiful miniatures! Sandra's attention to detail is marvelous. Enjoy your treasures...it's nice to see you've already begun playing with them ;-)

  14. Какие замечательные подарки!!! Поздравляю! Все миниатюры изысканы, и прекрасно смотрятся! Наслаждайтесь!

  15. Las miniaturas de Sandra son preciosas, enhorabuena y disfrútalas. Un abrazo.

  16. Hi Sharee,

    Lovely gifts!


  17. These are very happy tiny gifts! I love the look. It's all so sweet! Glad everything is finally getting better for you guys.

  18. Hey!!! I had lost your post!
    Thank you for this wonderful blog post. I am glad that you like my little things.
    And very happy to make you a little happier


  19. Thank you Dakota. I really do love the items I won and they are currently proudly sitting in my display cabinet for everyone to see.