Sunday, July 13, 2014

Book Ends Progress

I am making slow progress with the Petite Properties book-ends. I had my 87 year old Mum stay with us for a week so I didn't get any miniatures done last weekend or during the week. It is school holidays here in New Zealand and our daughter has gone with Mum to spend most of this coming week with Mum and other family in the city where I grew up an hour away. Therefore today, after getting on top of the housework, I had a bit of time to do some work on the book-ends. It nearly didn't happen because I had misplaced the instructions... very frustrating! Luckily I found them tucked away in a box of kits I had shown Mum while she was here.
Anyway, here are some progress photos of the book-ends:
 The Red Door House.
 The Green Door House.
 The two houses.
 The Green Door.
 The Red Door.
 The bays have been started.

I need to add a bit more detail to the doors. Hopefully with my daughter being away for the next few days I can get some more done and will have another progress report next weekend.

I took my Mum to the local antique shop while she was here. She bought me some interesting books called 'The Saturday Book', two vintage hankies that I can use to make something in miniature, and a cute little dog.

The Saturday Books are 1948, 1949, 1950 and 1962. The books were put out annually between 1941 to 1975. They are described as a 'Repository of Curiosities and Looking Glass of Past and Present'.

These are the details of the hankies. Unfortunately the previous owner has named them in black ink but I want to use the lovely details for something miniature. I am thinking of using the top one as part of a fire screen with a colour behind it.

And finally there is this little dog. He is quite comical looking but definitely has the cute factor. His expression reminds me of one of my dogs.

Doesn't he make you smile.


  1. Great work. I like the beautiful hankies and the dog is so cute.

  2. Hi Sharee! What a wonderful finding to paint one door in red and the other door in a green color :D! I can't wait to see more of your progress on the book ends. These hankies are so delicate and beautiful, but that doggy is too cute and yes, he made me smile with his fun looking ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Привет Sharee!
    Какая милая собачка! Я ее люблю!
    Вы имея мало времени, сделали большую работу! Мне нравятся ваши двери!
    Очень приятно, что вы с мамой ходите по магазинам!

  4. Pues si, Sharee, tu nuevo perrito me hace sonreir, es muy guapo y adorable. Pero lo que me ha encantado son esos bordados maravillosos que te ha regalado tu mamá. Son tan delicados y bonitos. Seguro que les encontrarás una utilidad en forma de miniatura que será espectacular.
    Te felicito por tus regalos y me alegro de que hayas disfrutado de la visita de tu madre.
    Un abrazo

  5. What a very great idea to make book ends as miniature house parts. So cute!! You are doing a fantastic job and I'm sure when finished they will be even more beautiful. The dog is so cute and even if "funny" looking it's still nice and you can use it in miniature scenes! Your mother is 87?? I really hope my mother to get to that age too!!!! Have a nice Sunday Sharee!

  6. In my opinion spending time with the family is the best reason for not being able to work on miniatures... ;O) I really like your idea with the two different doors of your bookends, they already look so good. And you made some nice findings, that dog is a cutie for sure.


  7. Tu nuevo perrito es adorable, pero esos bordados son ¡maravillosos! Seguro que podras utilizarlos en alguna miniatura. Las casas sujetalibros son ¡wow! Hugs

  8. Sus casas tienen un aspecto fantástico, estoy deseosa de ver los avances. Los bordados un tesoro y el perrito muy simpático. Feliz semana:-)

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  10. Your bookends are looking very promising! Will the interiors be accessible when they are done? The dog is a cutie!
    And what a wonderful thing to still be able to spend creative time with your Mother!

    1. I have just followed the instructions for the kits for this set and the inside is not accessible, but with a bit of kit bashing it could be. In fact I have thought of a number of possibilities for variations as I have been working through the instructions. If you are just wanting the book-ends as designed the kit and instructions are great. The houses are quite small - only about 5 inches. The roof can lift off so you can put a battery light in there that will light up the inside of the house.

  11. Those bookends are a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see the finished result.
    Those hankies are a really great find, as for the dog, he's super cute!

  12. Hola Sharee, me gusta tener noticias tuyas y me alegro de que puedas disponer de más tiempo para hacer lo que más te gusta. El perro es encantador y los detalles del pañuelo preciosos, seguro que le sacas mucho partido. Un abrazo

  13. Tienes un gran trabajo por delante. El perro tiene cara de simpático. Espero ver como avanza tu trabajo y ver como utilizas esos hermosos bordados

  14. Hi Sharee,
    So glad that you got some "mini time" after your busy week. Great work on the bookends. What a very cool idea. I love the little oval window on the doors. I like the little dog cute.
    Have a great week!

  15. I love the houses! And that there are one green and one red door =) Looks great so far!
    And the dog looks very sweet =)

  16. The book ends already look fantastic. It's also a very lovely idea.
    The little dog is heart stealing. Very fine purchases, especially the handkerchiefs.
    Hugs, Drora

  17. Hi Sharee! The bookend houses are Super! I love the details of the doors and the colors that you have chosen to paint them. The vintage hankies are just wonderful and the lace and cut-work on them is so pretty. Your little dog is just the perfect "man's best friend" and I hope that you will be giving him a name. His expression looks as if he might be hiding a secret, like only he knows where the soup bone is buried. :))


    1. Of course he deserves a name Elizabeth - I have called him 'Prince'. I bought him at an antique shop in Princes Street.

  18. You did work and in the world of mini stuff that is alot ;) They look fantastic. The hankies are wonderfully detailed i am sure you will be using bits of them for awhile. The pup looks to be very happy and waiting for a tasty snack!

  19. Hey Sharee, I told you before I just LUV the bookend houses. All the details and the colours for the doors are just Fab. Your new treasures are amazing especially the little dog. Hugs AM

  20. That dog is adorable--what a great find! I love the doors on the two house bookends--very nice details! xo Jennifer

  21. Quante belle cose! i fazzoletti hanno dei bellissimi ricami ed il cane è molto simpatico!
    Un abbraccio.Manu