Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am sure I have mentioned before that I love op-shopping. I have not let myself spend much on myself lately because of the situation with my husband losing his job but last week I needed to fill in some time in town and I let myself do a bit of op-shopping.

I got myself a pair of near new shoes for about the price of a cappuccino from the Salvation Army shop.

At other op-shops I got the following, all for about NZ $12.

Lace Net Embroidery
Basic Steps for Weaving Cane Furniture
Woolen Baby Wrap
Tourist-type Russian Dolls
(I also got a folder of crochet know-how and patterns but I have not included these in the photo)

Over time I want to experiment with the lace net embroidery and the cane furniture in miniature. The woolen wrap I will cut up to make miniature blankets etc which I will edge and embroider. There is only two dolls as below and I may just use the bottoms as miniature planters once I have trimmed the top edge of them. As for the book Chocolat, that is my favourite film which I have watched many times but I have never read the book before. The felt toy book is from 1953 and has some lovely designs in it. Some of the simpler designs I will try to make in miniature but I will also probably make up some of the designs in their full size as well. I've always loved the old felt toys.

and yet more:

Little Brown Bird
Basketry the Easy Way
More Macrame
Basket Making Made Easy
Applique and embroidered table cloth

With this group I want to experiment with basketry and macrame in miniature. When I was quite young I remember doing both in full size. It will be fun trying to scale the techniques down into miniature. The Little Brown Bird book contains designs which combined make a large quilt using applique/embroidery/stitching and painting, with many of the designs containing birds. I love anything to do with birds. While I am not a quilter I thought I could take ideas from the book for miniature items. The table cloth I will cut up to use the applique and embroidery for miniature items and the cloth can be used to make miniature sheets.

So that was my op-shopping.

Finally, I couldn't resist a 960 page 1813/14 Girl's Realm Annual I saw on an on-line auction. I got it for NZ$3 plus postage. I couldn't believe my luck. The seller had described it as being in quite bad condition which may have put people off bidding, but I was happily surprised when I received it as it is not in that bad a condition at all, especially for a book that is 100 years old. I love flicking through these old annuals and they often have some lovely craft ideas in them as well as pictures of old fashions etc.

I definitely intend to make at least some little thing in miniature this weekend so check back with my blog in the next day or two.

Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. That was a very successful shopping trip! You now have so many wonderful projects on your horizon. Have fun! And congratulations on your new baby kitties!

  2. How fun! You got some great deals! :D

  3. Lovely purchases, Sharee, have fun!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. You've found some fantastic treasures... and thumbs up for spoiling yourself a little bit. Now have fun... loads of fun! ;O)


  5. Great buys! Now the fun'll begin for you. I love books with tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. I love the books, I´m sorry the husband situation, a big hug.

  7. Que buenas compras has hecho. Seguro que le sacas provecho a todos esos libros.
    Un abrazo

  8. Estupendos libros. Espero que disfrutes mucho de ellos.

  9. Well, that looks like a very successful shopping trip full of inspiration. ;-) Congrats on all the wonderful finds and enjoy them.
    P.S. How are the kittens and the dog getting along?

    1. Hi Lisa. It is certainly a bit of a crazy household around here at the moment. The kittens, Dash & Squiggle are thriving and are really starting to make themselves at home. I think I will have to kitten-proof my craftroom! We are slowly introducing the dogs. Our Highland Terrier Scottie is pretty good with them and our large Labrador/Border Collie Cross is inching closer to the kittens but still won't look at them properly. I think he is accepting their presence as long as he still gets his special human bonding time. Unfortunately we can't relax with our other dog Smudge at the moment. He is a mischief dog at the best of times and sees the kittens as potential play things, and he isn't gentle with his play. I am sure we will get there. I am looking forward to the day when we can relax when they are all running around together.

  10. il tuo shopping è stato fruttuoso. Mi piace molto il libro sui pizzi.
    Un caro saluto.Manu

  11. That´s a good example: Spoil yourself don´t have to be expensive!
    You´ve found many great things and now you can try and learn a lot of new things and your head is full with new ideas! Enjoy it all (and let us see)

  12. Great shopping trip! I can't wait to see what you make in miniature from these books. I love thrift store shopping too--what treasures I've found over the years. Have fun with all of your new treasures. xo Jennifer

  13. Great buys, I love old books as well ! The Girl's Realm Annual looks pretty interesting, I always love looking at old styles and bits of fashion history ;)

  14. Excellent buys on your shopping trip. I'm intrigued at the 'Basketry, the easy way' Any book that makes something so complicated easy, is on my shopping list too =0)

  15. So many good buys and I love the very old book. I just love the smell and the look and feel of old books and yours look fantastic! It's always great to find things you love at the price you like!! Take care!!

  16. Great purchase! Are you sure you will have great use of the book!
    Cats fairies!

  17. What a lot of fabulous finds... great op-shopping! Popped over to say thank you for your lovely comment over at Words and Pictures - much appreciated.
    Alison x

  18. You did very well with your purchases. These will inspire you to start working again.
    Hugs, Drora