Monday, May 19, 2014

We have names... (for now)

This is just a quick post to follow on from my last post where I introduced the two kittens I received for Mother's Day and asked for name suggestions.

First of all thank you so much for the fabulous name suggestions. We all loved receiving them and I loved many of the names. The difficulty was in trying to find a name that my husband, daughter and I all agreed on.

You also asked whether the kittens were boys or girls. When my husband and daughter picked up the kittens they were told they were boys. Admittedly they were very little and were only about 6 weeks old. Since then another lady has looked at the kittens and thinks we have two girls. We will have another good look at them in a week or so when they are a bit bigger and hopefully will be able to tell.

Anyway we have named the kittens but there is always the chance we may change the name when we are sure of their sex.

Firstly the little black kitten is called DASH. We called this kitten Dash because of his/her speed and playfulness and also because of the dash of white on his/her paw.

The tabby kitten we have named SQUIGGLE because of the mix of colours and also because of a popular New Zealand biscuit called Squiggles which has squiggles of hokey pokey on top of chocolate. Squiggle has hokey pokey colouring in amongst his/her other colours, especially a patch on top of his/her head.

We are trying to slowly introduce the kittens and our dogs. The funny thing is that our large dog Jasper (a total sook) is scared of the kittens and won't go anywhere near them.

And while we are on non-miniature matters I just thought I'd update you on my husband's employment situation. We have had a lot of kind thoughts sent our way since my husband lost his job. After 5 months of unemployment Pete is currently training for a position working with intellectually disabled that live independently within the community. At the moment is it only part time but hopefully within the next 4-6 weeks it will turn into a full time position and we will be able to start living a near-normal life again (if there is such a thing).

And finally I will finish with something to do with miniatures. I have finished the stitching on the table cover apart from needing to do hem stitch along one side so I can trim the table cloth and then fringe the two ends. I am really pleased with the way it has turned out.

I promise I will try to get back into making miniatures this week. I found some paper clips at work that are making me think of stand up photo frames. I just need to find some suitable photos to have a play.


  1. Your kittens are so cute Sharee! I think Squiggles is a girl, she is tortoishell with those hokey-pokey spots peeking through, tortoishell cats are most likely to be female so if both look very similar you probably do have two girls. It's easy to tell the sex when you know what you're looking for, here's a page with good information, you'll need to scroll a looong way down to the sketch.

  2. It is so good to read about the part time job of your husband, I am glad he is at work now again, but I really hope he will get a full time job in the near future!
    Lovely names for the kittens, Sharee, I like the way you chose them. I have learned something new from you: Squiggles are very delicious cookies in NZ :D!! I hope the dogs will accept the kittens without some problems....although your biggest dog is a bit afraid of them!
    Your embroidery work is so wonderful.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Oh your kittens are adorable! Im glad to hear that your husband is working part time fingers crossed it will turn into full time for you and your family..Best Wishes to you


  4. You all chose fantastic names for the fuzzy babies! It does take time for the animals to become adjusted t each other, one thing that works nicely is to really scratch your dogs and then rub your hands all over your cats and vice versa. With dogs make sure to rub the cats under the chin and then rub that all over the dogs face and nose. You are sharing smells this way to become acclimated sooner..same for bedding toys etc.

    I know the job situation has been rough on you folks but just getting back into the working market regardless of the duty is the best first step. Best of luck with you folks in your hunt for job security!

  5. Dash y Squiggle son muy simpáticos! Me alegro un montón por el nuevo trabajo de tu marido, es una gran noticia. Tu trabajo para la plancha es precioso. Un abrazo.

  6. Your kittens are so cute and I like their names.

  7. Encantadores los gatitos o gatitas. Espero que poco a poco se vayan acostumbrando a ellos el resto de sus mascotas. Me ha gustado mucho el bordado-

  8. Sharee, that is very good news about your husband's job! I love cats and have two. When my mother moved in with me after my stepfather died, we were very nervous about how her dog would react to the cats. My mother had visions of terrible wars. In reality, the dog adopted the cats as her puppies, and made it her business to clean them and scold them if they fought. My little white cat adored the dog, and I am convinced she thought they were twins. I am sure you will find your little kittens bossing your dogs around soon!

  9. Hi Sharee,
    Such cutie pie kittens you have. Jane gave you some good advice to help in the socializing of the dogs and cats. I am so happy that your husband has found a job! Even though it is part time it is a step in a very positive direction and I wish you all the best.
    Have a great week,

  10. I really like the names of those two little cuties... good choice. And it's great news about your husband! Not to forget - your finished table cover looks beautiful!


  11. Felicidades por haber solucionado la situación laboral de tu marido, me alegro mucho de ello.
    Los gatitos son adorables, ya sean chicos o chicas, y el resto de habitantes de la casa se adaptarán con un poco de tiempo y paciencia.
    El bordado es muy bonito.
    Un abrazo

  12. Your new kittens are so adorable, Sharee! Great names! Congrats on hubby's new job--that must be quite a relief. Your needlework is beautiful, and I look forward to more posts from you. xo Jennifer

  13. Gorgeous kittens and great names, for now. Kittens really bring fun and love into the home don't they. Hope your husbands new job goes well. And love your embroidery!

  14. Hi Sharee, the kittens are so aborable as are the names. Congratz with your husbands new job. Such rewarding work. Hopefully it will become a fulltime job soon.
    Hug AM

  15. The kittens are adorable. Nice names too. I wish your husband good luck and enjoyment with his new job. It's wonderful and rewarding to be able to help disabled people.
    Your embroidery is beautiful. I love it.
    Hugs, Drora

  16. Nice that you could you agree on names for your cats.
    I hope your husband has a permanent position so soon again normality can come back into your life.
    Your tablecloth has become beautiful. Very clean and tidy worked!

  17. They are So Cute! Those are wonderful names for them! I hope they win the trust of your big dog before too long. Great to hear your husband has found work! And your embroidery turned out very beautifully!

  18. I love the names you have chosen - I think they will suit them whether they are boys or girls. I have learned two new things about New Zealand food - Squiggles biscuits, and the name hokey pokey for what we call honeycomb!

    That is terrific news about your husband's work :-D I hope it turns into full-time work, but it's great in so many ways that he has new work, even part-time at the moment.

    I'm sure life is very interesting with the new members of your family!

  19. The name sounds good =) Hope your husband gets full time position now.

  20. Congratulations for your kitties!!! I love cats, I've always lived with cats and I now have one cat that is 20 years old. They were 2 cat, both 20 but now it's only one. I also have 2 dogs and the cat rule in the house. Your kitties are very very cute and it's nice to read that your husband has found something, even if part time, to do. I'm sorry I've missed some of your posts, but I've been busy myself. Have a nice, fun time with the kitties....they are so much joy!!

  21. Dash and Squiggle are brilliant names (and gender-neutral too!) for those two adorable little bundles. We had the same thing with our very large Newfoundland dog who was completely under the thumb of our small cat!

    Amazing stitching on that tablecover - what delicate work... it's really beautiful.
    Alison x