Saturday, May 10, 2014

Name Suggestions Please...

I got an early Mother's Day present today - two gorgeous little kittens. They are siblings. One is a lot darker than the other. We are having trouble naming them. We would really appreciate some suggestions for suitable names.

My next few weeks will be spent introducing the kittens to our three dogs and refereeing!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions. Have a great weekend.


  1. Aww, how gorgeous. I've always had cats and named them something to do with their colouring so I'll go for Buiscuit or Cinder (toffee) for the tabby and Licorice or Pepper (hee-hee) for the black kitty.
    Good luck with the dogs =0)

  2. Qué niña tan bella! y los gatitos también... En España hay dos niños de comics muy traviesos que se llaman Zipi y Zape, uno es rubio y otro moreno. Un abrazo.

  3. Hi Sharee, OH MY... they are so cute and adorable. I luv Peppers name suggestion Buiscuit for the Tabby. The black kitten has these really piercing blue eye's so... Blue.
    Buiscuit & Blue! Enjoy your early mothersday present, wishing you a fantastic weekend.
    Gr. AM

  4. Hi Sharee...they are so cute! I love all the name suggestions so far. How about Maggie & Milo? Enjoy your Mother's Day and the weekend!

  5. Are they boys or girls? I named my Harriet for Harriet Vane, as she was hiding on a bookshelf on a set of Dorothy L Sayers novels when she was tiny, and has a very distinctive face :-) Also depends what you're into - I know a black cat called Catthulu!

    Not knowing whether they are male or female, I'd consider Ash and Cole for the lighter and darker kitties.

  6. Hi sharee! Cute kitttys! Oh those little faces! I'm with the others... are they boys or girls? How about "Cinder" and "Ella" or "Smoky" and "Misty" or "Java" and "Mocha" or "Midnight" and "Dawn".....I am sure you will come up with wonderful names that feel "right" for them!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. They are adorable! How about Minky, Snuggleputty, or Miss Magoo!

  8. Welcome to the new family members - such little cuties. The others already have made so many lovely name suggestions, but I'll throw a special one in the ring. When I was making my last custom order for a beary couple I couldn't think of suiting names, so I was asking my friend Melli from the Pippibärenbande for help. And among Melli's suggestions was one that came to my mind at once when I looked at your darling kittens: Black & Decker... ;O) I have no doubt you will choose lovely names for those little cuties...


  9. They are so sweet, these kittens are such a lovely gift for Mothers Day, Sharee!
    But oh dear, everyone has done such lovely suggestion for their names, uh, let's see: Lapje (this is Dutch for patch) and Coal ;0?!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. Sharee,
    Happy Mothers Day!! What sweet little kitties. who can resist such precious little fur balls?:) Maybe Brindle for the tabby one and Crow for the dark one? He He, the thought of calling a cat Crow is just funny to me for some strange reason!! Oh well what can I say? I'm just weird like that sometimes, Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  11. *LOL* Black& Decker... no comment *grin*
    Are they two boys or a boy and a girl or two girls or don´t you know this so far? They are so cute!
    "Fluffy" "Fairy" "Gipsy" "Dusty""Happy" "Toffee" "Murphy" (like Murphys law) "Cheeky" or like popular couples... "Thelma & Louise" "Batman & Robin" "Paul & Paula" "Tarzan & Jane" ;-) There are so much possibilities... wish you a lot of fun with your new family members!
    Hugs Melli

  12. Gorgeous kitties, Sharee! May everyone get along and live happily ever after! I like Pepper's ideas--I have trouble thinking of names. Happy Mother's Day! xo Jennifer

  13. Ho! Oh! The kitties are gorgeous! You already have a large selection of names so I'll just wish them good luck with the dogs. Happy Mother's Day!
    Hugs, Drora

  14. Hope the dogs will like the kittens =) They looks so small and cute =)
    Happy mother's day! Hope you come up with great names soon, I couldn't come up with any right now... But my dad's cat is named Lucy, and I like that name =) (She has sparkling blue eyes, like diamonds, Lucy in the sky with diamonds..)

  15. Deliziosi piccoli gatti ! ♥
    Un abbraccio.Manu

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  17. Primero que nada , muy contenta de ser tu seguidora Sharee ♥
    Los gatitos preciosos y tu niña ¡Divina!!! ♥
    Un abrazo
    Disculpa por borrar el anterior mensaje, pero el traductor me cambio tu nombre :)
    Otro abrazo ÜÜÜ

  18. Hello Sharee, I found youre site via the site of Helma from Holland.
    When I saw these two kittens the names Spooky and Sue came up directly. Don't know why. However I do think that in the meantime these two geourgios little ones already must have nice names.
    Have lots years of fun with both of them.
    Regards, Krin

    1. Hi Krin. Thanks for dropping by my blog. We very nearly named the black kitten Spook but changed our minds. I'm just going to take some photos and will do another blog of the kittens with their names shortly.