Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lost in Illustrations

My husband decided to treat me today to a visit to the local antique shop. By that I mean he dropped me off at the antique shop while he and Jamie went and got some groceries and posted a parcel. I haven't let myself walk in the door of the shop since Pete lost his job. The lady in the shop had just put out a lovely old ABC book just before I walked in the shop. I saw it almost instantly. I had to have it.  I also bought a little elephant that matches another one that I have so they will look nice either side of a miniature mantel piece and a slightly over-sized vase of flowers that I am sure I can make use of somewhere. I also had a quick look in the local Hospice shop and bought some plastic monopoly pieces and some mesh ribbon along with an orange cake ribbon that came in the same bag.

As far as the plastic monopoly pieces go I think the boots will paint up well, I will flock the little dog to look like a toy dog for my Timeless Toys toy shop and I will paint the little wheel barrow and put some flowers in it for a floral decoration for a window sill or table. I thought I would add some beads to a little square of the mesh ribbon to make a miniature sugar bowl cover and I am sure there will be many more uses for it.

As for the book I just love it. I have always loved beautiful book illustrations and the coloured illustrations in this book are gorgeous. There is an inscription inside the book with the date 1904. The book is not in perfect condition and some little child has done a bit of colouring in here and there but for 110 years old the book isn't doing too bad. I am going to scan the book and create a miniature version.

The book is an ABC book and has cute little verses in it e.g. for F it says "F is for Fishing, and F is for Freddy; He's caught three fine fish and a young duck already" and for G it says "G is for Gardening, and G is for Gerty whose Garden is bright, though her pinafore's dirty."

Of course being me I had to do some research. The book was published by Ernest Nister, London & E P Dutton & Co, New York and was printed in Bavaria. I looked up Ernest Nister in Google images and I was lost in illustrations - beautiful images of old book illustrations. I then started looking at pictures of other antique book illustrators. Needless to say time went and my day disappeared.

It is now 10.30 pm on Saturday night in New Zealand and I am about to head to bed to read.

Tomorrow I hope to do a tutorial, most likely for the fire screen that I promised someone.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Sharee,
    How lovely to get a chance to shop, looks like you scored some good stuff!!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. Great finds. Can't wait to see how they all turn out. x

  3. Que suerte poder encontrar esos tesoros en tus incursiones a las antigüedades. El libro es una joya. Te felicito por la adquisición.
    Un abrazo

  4. La tienda de antiguedades a la que fuiste debe ser genial! Me encanta el libro y las cositas que encontraste. Un abrazo

  5. Nice little stash of goodies, I am always on the hunt for mini items in my daughters throwaway's and in bargain bins, those monopoly pieces have a lot of potential!

    I love the abc book, but you know its old whn they start talking about pinafore's!
    hugs, ~J

  6. The book is a real find. I also love the elephant. I know you'll do wonders with the other pieces. I look forward to your tutorial. I love tutorials.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Great finds, Sharee! I especially love the book. It always fun to find mini items in unexpected stores.

  8. Unas buenas compras. Especialmente me gusta el libro.

  9. Who knows which new role will have each of those little's always useful to have small things around the house for those moments when you need something but you don't know exactly what....I don't know if it does happen to you! Anyway, I really love vintage stuff and the book is a beauty! Well done on your buys!

  10. I love hunting at thrift stores for tiny things that will be useful for my mini scenes! Looks like you found some mini treasures, Sharee! Fun finds! xo Jennifer

  11. Great findings! I love illustrated books too =) I have a lot of childrens books that my daughter haven't even got to look at.. she is only 2 years old, but I hope I dare to show her them one day =) Mine aren't that old, like this one, but they are still wonderful and a treasure for me, so I'm very cautious with them =) Hope you show us the mini version of the book later =)