Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter

First of all I just want to thank all my blog friends and visitors for the lovely comments they have been leaving on my recent blog entries. They give me the 'warm fuzzies' and keep me motivated to create.

It is late afternoon on Good Friday here in New Zealand and I just want to wish everyone a lovely Easter.

I have pulled together a little Easter scene to celebrate entitled 'Hiding the Eggs'. Mr & Mrs Rabbit are hiding the eggs for a big Easter egg hunt while all their little bunny off-spring are having an afternoon nap. They have lots of off-spring so they need to hide lots of eggs.

In perfect conditions (weather, health, food, safety etc rabbits could have a litter of up to 10 kits every 31 days). Imagine that!

Hiding the Eggs

I had previously made many of the components and just pulled them together to make a scene using a 6" x 4" photo frame as a base. I didn't make the little mouse. That was made by a lovely lady, Heather Corrin (now deceased), that I knew when I was doing miniatures back in the 1990s . She used to do fabulous fimo work and I am lucky to have some of her creations. Little mouse has been waiting for his own little 'scene' for quite some time and is happily sheltering under a plant watching the antics of Mr & Mrs Rabbit.

Finally, I'd just like to share a vintage Easter postcard I picked up at a second hand shop. It is unused and on the back it says "Postcard. Place Stamp Here. 1 cent to United States, Canada or Mexico. 2 cent to all other Countries". At those postage prices I am guessing it is rather old.

Happy Easter Everyone


  1. Happy Easter Sharee. Very sweet scene =0)

  2. Very beautiful scene, Sharee! Happy Easter you too! Mini hugs, Natalia

  3. bonita escena, feliz pascua!

  4. Happy Easter Sharee! What a lovely scene - I am thinking that the little mouse will probably find the eggs before the bunnies wake up, but hopefully will only nibble on one! ;-) Lovely Easter card, too - I love the scent of lilac!

  5. Ah it's lovely! It's really effective and mr and mrs bunny look like they're having a great time hiding the eggs! Love the mousey sneeking peaks at where they're hidden! You're so clever I'd never have thought to do it like that! Happy easter! It's unbelievably sunny in England too, hurrah! Xxx

  6. I love this cute scene, beautifully put together.
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Qué escena tan hermosa y divertidad!! La postal es también bonita, hiciste bien en comprarla. Un abrazo

  8. Your Easter scene is adorable. I loooove the bunnies and your theme. Happy Easter, Sharee!

  9. A wonderful scene Sharee! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter!!

  10. Una escena encantadora, feliz Pascua:-)

  11. A very happy Easter to you Sharee! Thank you for sharing your so cute scene and giving me a smile for what's trying to be a sunny day in Michigan in the US :-)


  12. What a lovely scene - Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit did quite a good job hiding the eggs for their little ones. I'm only wondering if the clever mouse is just waiting for them disappearing... knowing exactly where the eggs were hidden makes the search so much easier, especially when you're uninvited... ;O) Happy Easter to you!


  13. Sharee,
    Your little scene is adorable! Hope you have a blessed and happy Easter:)
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  14. Feliz Pascua Sharee.
    La escena de los conejitos de Pascua es muy tierna.
    Un abrazo

  15. What a cute Easter scene, Sharee! It makes me feel happy looking at it! Happy Easter weekend! xo Jennifer

  16. Замечательные сцены и рассказ!
    Счастливой Пасхи Вам и Вашей семье!

  17. Your scene is very cute, I particularly like the bird house at the top of it! Really cute! I also like the does look very old. Happy Easter to you too!!

  18. it's a very sweet little scene and I hope you had a very Happy Easter :)


  19. Your Easter scene is very cute!! Hope you had a great Easter!