Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Weekend Efforts and a New Resident

First of all I am going to show you what my 11 year old daughter Jamie and I achieved in the weekend after setting each other challenges to do with miniatures.

We both did some undercoating. I did my sister's gallery and Jamie did what will be her Harry Potter themed general store, pictured below. It is an old house I had tucked away for a rainy day but as Jamie is expressing an interest in miniatures I have given it to her for her Harry Potter project. After the undercoating I was the one splattered with paint, although I suspect as much of it came of her brush as it did from mine.

Jamie achieved all of her challenges being dragons eggs, a witches hat and a sign for her store.

Didn't she do well! She has decided to call her shop Wacky Wenny after the wannabe wizard that runs the store. She made up a fabulous story about him.

I only (partly) achieved one of my challenges being a shop counter for the Selina Rose Gallery:

I think I will add a varnished wood counter top.

To complete my challenges set by Jamie I still need to make accessories for the shop counter, make some picture frames and turn a little wood planter box into a miniature of some sort (see previous post).

I don't think Jamie quite appreciates yet the time it can take to make miniatures and, in my defence, I was guiding her with making her items! I will have to work on the other challenges over the next few days.

But what is really exciting is we have a new resident.

Marlon has successfully made his way from Germany to New Zealand to live in my craft room. He is so gorgeous and is a real character. He made himself right at home the minute he walked in the door. To know a bit more about Marlon you might like to read about him on his creator's blog:
Melli of Der Pippibaren-Blog makes the most gorgeous little characters. You should see the wonderful little elves she is making at the moment for a Christmas scene. Just gorgeous.

Anyway, I first took Marlon to meet Edward Elf in Edward's Christmas box. Edward was also made by Melli and had taken the long journey from Germany to New Zealand. See my post:
Edward was kind enough to offer for Marlon to stay with him in his Christmas box but Marlon declined as he thought Edward would have to be up too late each night making Christmas decorations for Santa, however he said he would love to visit Edward often.

I said to Marlon that I had brought him over from Germany to reside in the Timeless Toys toy shop where he could help me keep all the toys in order, but he didn't think he wanted to live in a noisy toy shop either.

After a while I heard a little voice declaring he had found his perfect residence. Marlon had clambered up one of my display shelves and was standing in the upper level of my Bodo Hennig house that houses my vintage German dolls house furniture. He said it had the perfect table and chairs with a bottle of wine and goblets for entertaining. I can see I am going to have to find Marlon a nice lady bear! He even brought some roses with him all the way from Germany ready to give to a special lady bear.


I don't think it will work with Marlon living in the upper level of the Bodo Hennig but I have promised him he can have the table and chairs and I will find him another little residence all of his own.

Another project on my to-do list.


  1. Well done Jamie! (And you too :-) ). Love Marlon! Just the sweatest eyes! Oh yes, find him a lady friend, he deserves it!

  2. I think that Jamie is off to a great start with her Harry Potter project. Keep up the great work Jamie and Sharee her able assistant! Your little bear is really
    at home in the Bodo house but I agree that having a place to call his own is perfectly in order. :))


  3. Great job, Jamie! Sharee, your work is always beautiful too. :-) I love Marlon...such a sweetie. And Edward too.

  4. Jamie did a great job, well done :D! Yes, Marlon is such a sweet bearie, I've admired him too on Melli's blog, enjoy him! Nice to read Edward has some company now!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Cara Sharee è tutto delizioso! Mi piace il tuo progetto su Harry Potter come delizioso è l'elfo di Melly che si troverà sicuramente bene nella sua nuova casa. Dolcissimo è l' orsacchiotto ♥
    Ho cambiato le modalità del giveaway e perciò rientri nel sorteggio...
    Un abbraccio, Manu

    1. Thank you Manu. I'd love to participate in your giveaway and will put a link on my blog. I do think the idea of swapping a Christmas tree is a great idea though.

  6. Fantastic work Jamie! A wonderfully magical start!

    A great fuzzy friend for your projects as well mom!

  7. The Harry Potter house your daughter looks very promising! I'm curious to see how it goes so on.
    I am infinitely happy that Marlon is well received by you and you like him so much. I am happy that he has found such a nice home with you. Last week I had sewn a lady bear and I thought to myself: "What a pity that Marlon is no longer there, the two were certainly a handsome couple." But at some point, Marlon is determined find love and a dear girlfriend.

    1. Melli, if the lady bear you speak of is the gorgeous bear you have for sale in the red dress, I have already spied her and thought she would be perfect for Marlon. Unfortunately I have overspent my budget just at the moment but if she is still there when I can afford her she just might find her way over to meet Marlon. She is gorgeous. The same gorgeous eyes.

    2. I´m soooo sorry Sharee, but Lucy has already found a new home! But don´t be sad! I am sure some day there will be the right girl for Marlon in my fur stock... and if there is not a girl for him I´ll make one especially for you!

    3. I'm not worried Melli. I know there is a special lady out there for him . Besides, he is too busy telling me what he requires for a residence at the moment.

  8. Hola Jamie
    Que fantastico trabajo de Harry Potter, me encanta.
    Marlon se ve adorable.
    besitos ascension