Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Undersized Urbanite Contest

I nearly talked myself out of it but I've decided to do it - join the 2014 Undersized Urbanite Contest. I had grand plans to do an Arts & Crafts Movement house but I realise I just don't have the tools and skills yet to build a house with the spacious architectural rooms I want for the project. Therefore I have put that project on hold for now.

I am going to work with a corner unit I have on hand similar to the one I am using for the Selina Rose Gallery I am doing for my sister.

This one is a bit grubby and battered. It has been played with by my niece's two boys for the last few years. It is a good blank canvas.

What will it become? - a toy shop/toy museum combined.

The bulk of the work won't get started until later in the year because I am determined to finish my sister's gallery first. She has waited long enough.

I might make a few toys now and then though to keep the interest in the project going.

I have a good pile of magazines for research. I recently picked up this big pile of Antique Toy World Magazines (I think about 115).

I am looking forward to participating in the contest and following the other entrants projects.

I also haven't forgotten about doing a giveaway. I'm still thinking about it but it will definitely happen.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are tapping into your creative side and having fun.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Sharee! How good of you that you're determined to finish your sister's gallery first! I also have some projects which are waiting for finishing for long time now, but I think many of us have this same problem ;)!
    I love the small dollhouse, I never seen its shape before, how clever to use a mirror to make it looks it has more space inside :D!
    I wish you luck with making all kind of plans, that is part of the fun too :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Hi Sharee! I also think that you are wise to finish your sister's project first, because once you get going on the other, your sister's will once again be delayed and it will weigh heavy on your mind. However, I have to say that the little corner unit will be very exciting to watch. I love the exterior facade and the interior shape is most interesting! Two thumbs up for entering the contest, Sharee!


  3. Ohhhh every year I think I am going to enter this..this..this... I will be lucky to just complete the one to satisfaction *lol*

    I think creating one from love to your sister will be time well spent!

    Someday me and you will see each other at the finish line of one of our many "want to' projects ;)


  4. Se ve con una estructura muy original, me encanta.
    Es un fantastico proyecto.
    besitos ascension

  5. This is an original structure. I'm curious to see more.

  6. Well, I'm glad you didn't talk yourself out of joining Sharee! :) I love how unique the house is, the toy shop/museum is such a cool idea too, can't wait to watch your progress once you start.

  7. Hello Dear Sharee, you have many projects to be implemented. I like the new building and I find it a good idea to make a toy store. I wish I had those magazines should be beautiful and give you lots of ideas.
    Hugs, Manu

  8. Удачи вам в конкурсе! у вас получается прекрасный дом!

  9. I love the front window on the ground floor, it gives the building so many possibilities. I also love its vintage look, it would make a wonderful townhouse or store with living quarters upstairs. I look forward to seeing what you do with it!