Sunday, May 3, 2015

Giveaway Draw

First of all I have to share with you that I had a disastrous weekend miniatures wise. I spent all yesterday creating polymer clay fungi and toadstools etc so I could make some minis to show on today's blog. I put them in the oven last night and what came out - a melted, singed mess!!! I have no idea what happened although I suspect I may have had the tray a bit too close to the elements. I only managed to salvage a few of them and incorporate them into the miniatures I have been working on. I still have so much to learn about using polymer clay. Then this morning a tube of white paint exploded everywhere. After cleaning that up I thought I had better quit trying to make any more miniatures before I did some real damage and to just get on with choosing a name for Toad.
Well trust me that wasn't easy either. Thank you for contributing so many great names for Toad - some regal or mythical, some fun and others solid and befitting a woodland toad. I have listed all the names below so that if you are ever in the position where you need to name a toad you can come back to this spot on my blog for ideas!

Fred Puddles
HH (short for Hippity Hop)
Jiminy Hoppit
Johnny Longlegs
Pheleas Stomper
Puddles Hoppidy
Sir Theodore Toad
Telly von Toad
Tibbir the Toad
Tiberius T Toad (Tibs for Short)
Tibs Toad
Toadwood III
Toby Toad
Wembley Wetfoot

There will be two prizes. The first will go to the person who provided the name I choose for toad. The second name will be as the result of a random draw of everyone who commented on my recent blog entries about Toad Stall.
Drum roll please... you may now address Mr Toad as:

Tiberius T. Toad (Tibs for short). The T standing for Titus, the name of his grandfather who escaped from a stork's beak.

And the winner is BiWuBar.

I loved this name the minute I read it. Not just for the name but also for the way it added to Toad's story. He is a proud toad - proud of his family's history, his grandfather and his own entrepreneurial abilities. I feel this name suits him.
Tiberius T. Toad (Tibs)
There were three other names definitely in the running but I kept going back to Tibs.
Now for the random draw:
Drawn by my daughter Jamie.
... and the winner is Miniaturista.
As for the prizes:
Option A: You can choose your favourite item(s) from Toad Stall (apart from Jane's hutch of course) - name your favourite item and also let me know if there are any other items on the stall you like;
OR  Option B: you can leave it up to me to surprise you if you can't decide;
OR Option C: if you are not into fantasy and toads I am happy to send you a red cart and some empty planters for you to fill as you please.
You might choose:
A red cart full of finds similar to this:
A chair planted out in fungi similar to this:
A planter of fungi & snails such as one of these:
Hollowed out pumpkins filled with fungi similar to these:
A toadstool stool similar to this:
Some little wall plaques similar to these:

A pennant banner similar to this:
A toadstool bread board and mushroom bread with fungi stalk topping similar to this:
A bouquet of fungi similar to these:
or Option C - a red cart and planters such as these:
BiWuBar and Miniaturista, please email me using the 'Email Me' on the side bar and let me know what you would like. I will complete your miniatures over the next week and hopefully get them in the post to you next weekend.
As we always say when drawing a giveaway I wish I could give everyone who took the time to provide a name and/or comment a gift. In any event I hope you are all having a great weekend.
Bye for now from Toad Stall and Tiberius T. Toad.


  1. Oh..Dios mio..cuanto contratiempo...seguramente que el destino decidió que no hiciera minios y lo dedicara para preparar un maravilloso día de la madre. Mañana cuando comience nuevamente todo será perfecto.
    Todos los nombres tienen su chispa, me ha gustado leerlos y nunca se sabe si vendrán bien para ponerlos a algún personaje de nuestras miniaturas.
    Felicidades a Biwubar por conseguir ese nombre para el sapo el nombre adecuado.
    Por mi parte agradecer ese premio del sorteo en este día de la madre que cae en día 3, mi número especial.
    Voy a decidir entre todo este escaparate maravilloso que nos has dejado y te indico lo que mejor me vaya para mis minis, es un r recuerdo del bautizo de Tiberio T Toad (Tibs).
    Un abrazo y feliz dia de la madre.

  2. Congratulations to Birgit and Maite, you lucky ladies! Thank you Sharee for this cute way of giving. And wow what a beautiful daughter you have!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Congratulations to the winners!

  4. Congratulations to the two very lucky winners. Your items are wonderful. The name you picked is perfect :) Thank you for the wonderful chance. Your daughter is very beautiful.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Felicidades a las ganadoras, y a ti también Sharee por tener esa preciosidad de niña!!

  6. Oh my... I'm a bit out of breath because I was doing the happy dance!!! Thank you very much, Sharee - what a wonderful surprise... and congrats to Maite! Now I'm waving hello to Tibs! I hope he can cope with his name... ;O) Now I need to rush to my E-Mail... but before this I still need to say I'm very sorry for all the mishap you suffered from. It's such a pity your clay didn't turn out well - and even worse about the paint, I hope nothing was ruined!


  7. What a Great name! Birgit deserves one of your wonderful creations for sure! I love the chair planted with toadstools! Your ideas are perfect for Toad Stall!
    Sorry to hear you had such a difficult time with your equipment! It's always a disappointment when the projects hit snags... like uncooperative ovens! But hopefully things will go better next time. Perhaps you should get an oven thermometer? The books say the precise temperature is important with polymer clay. Don't give up!

  8. Jamie(your ultimate mini! :) ) is beautiful! She looks like a skin care model. Her complexion is perfect and she looks so fresh faced. Gorgeous!
    Congratulations to both winners! The name you chose fits the toad so perfectly! When I look at him it is the name that just sticks!

  9. Congrats to the winners!! (although I am a bit jealous! lol)
    This was just one of those weekends. It is to let you know that the next session will be awesome! Hi Tibs!!

  10. Enhorabuena a los ganadores Y muchas gracias a tí.

  11. Congratulations to the two lucky and talented name-providing winners! Birgit's name and history are so much fun! What great prizes--thanks for the chance. xo Jennifer

  12. "They call me MR. Tibbs!"
    What a HOOT! I got such a chuckle reading that long list of possible names Sharee! However, I do agree that Tiberius T. Toad is a SPLENDID moniker and suits him well! He must have the rest of him though, otherwise that name will just continue to roll around in his head!
    Congratulations Birgit! What a lovely selection of items to choose from! I Personally LOVE the pumpkin shells with those cute red and white fungi growing in them.

    So Don't Choose Those!!!!

    elizabeth :D

  13. Congrats to the lucky winners!
    But I have to say that I am a bit "shocked" at this moment... Before my inner eye I still see Jamies photos from her peformence on christmas (and the unforgotable photo of you and your hubby as Mr. and Mrs Clause) At this time she was a sweatheart girl... but now... SHE IS A YOUNG LADY! She is growing to a real natural beauty... People say "Look at your kids to see how time flies" Sharee, I think we are getting old to fast and nobody will stop it!!!! LOL

  14. El nombre esperfecto, me encantó desde que Birgit lo propuso, asi que me alegra que haya ganado el premio, cualquiera de tus maravillosas creaciones es una maravilla. felicidades a las dos ganadoras. Siento el desastre del fimo y la pintura...A veces hay duendes caseros que nos hacen estas travesuras!! Tienes una hija muy linda, felicidades por ello. Un beso

  15. Congratulations to the winners!! It's a great name! But Birgit always name her bears such great names, so she must be use to come up with great names by now ;)
    Thank you for the chance Sharee!

  16. Oh my! I love all the tiny mushrooms!
    So beautiful and cute. :))

    Kind regards from Riverside,