Sunday, May 17, 2015

Club Meeting Makes

Hi All. First of all I have to apologise to my two giveaway winners. I had an opportunity to attend a miniature club meeting an hour away from where I live last weekend so I didn't get around to making the items to send to you. I will therefore be making them this weekend and will get them posted to you during the week after they have dried properly.
I don't usually attend the miniature meeting because I can't justify the travel cost but my daughter had a dance workshop to attend in the same city last weekend so I got my husband to get her to the workshop and take her shopping while I spent four hours with fellow miniaturists. It was only a small gathering of six people as it was Mother's Day in New Zealand so some people had other plans with family. My daughter Jamie paid the cost of the workshop for my Mothers' Day present. It was just a little workshop of a petticoat table and a little photograph album. After I got home I 'toadised' my table for Toad Stall by painting it green and adding a few bits and pieces. I want to find some little seed caps or something similar for little cups. 

The table is set with a jar of Tiberius T. Toad's Honey and Swamp Water Ale and some mushroom bread with toadstool stalk topping.

Then Tibs made some platters from dried pumpkin skins (made from polymer clay). I see a snail is trying to find a way into the ale.
This is the little paper photo album we made:

Well that is all for now from Myrtle Manor Miniatures and Toad Stall. I have to get making some planter pots. I have to get my daughter to another dance class this afternoon too so I'd better get cracking while I have the chance.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Creating things together with other fellow miniaturists is always fun. The album looks
    wonderful. The stall is progressing. I am looking forward to more.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Felicidades por ese dia de la madre que lo habéis celebrado divinamente.
    El álbum de fotos está estupendo.
    feliz fin de semana.
    UN abrazo

  3. Qué escena tan entrañable! Un abrazo

  4. Hi Sharee! What fun to be able to get to the Mini Club meeting! I Love the snail trying to get into the Swamp Ale! And the ingredients for the Swamp Ale is also very imaginative! You are really having a great time with Toad Stall... I look forward to seeing more!

  5. Has realizado un bonito trabajo con el álbum.

  6. It's always so much fun to see your newest additions to Tibs' gorgeous stall - I love the swamp ale with the bread snack... you're so full of wonderful ideas. And what a fun thing that you could attend a miniaturist's meeting... and what a darling daughter you have! ;O) Don't worry about the giveaway price - as I already told you... take all the time you need.


  7. Its wonderful you have a mini club near you! Your stall goodies are growing into such a lovely scene already, I will take a cold mug of ale! Mmmmm

    I love the toadstolls all about, makes everything have so much magic ;)

  8. More fantastic ideas for your stall. Lol swamp ale I think I will pass on that :D Your photo album is wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Sounds like a fun meeting. Love your table and photo album. Swamp ale? Sounds a little rough for my tastes, but Tibs must love it! xo Jennifer

  10. The miniaturist meeting must have been a great mothers day gift for you =) Hope you will be able to attend more of them.
    Everything looks great! I love the snail trying to find a way into the ale =)

  11. The table looks adorable. I love the little label! The photo album is so cute!

  12. How wonderful from Jamie to pay the costs of this workshop. My son ignores the mothers day completly, like every year... but my step-son bought me flowerss and my step-daughter baked a cake for me.
    You´ve made great miniatures again. It´s always a bundle of joy to see your project grow. I´m sure Tib is over the moon with his new home

  13. The photo album is so cute and the scene is very warm....I love it!! Well done Sharee!! I guess it was fun to do minis in a group.