Sunday, April 5, 2015

Toad Stall

At last I feel excited about a project. The seeds of this excitement were sewn when I won the wonderful hutch from Jane. I had a desire to make a small project to house it in. Shortly after I made my first little container of fungi with snails which I really enjoyed doing. I kept mulling over ideas but I couldn't get anything to really gel. I had visions of an abandoned house but while I had plenty of ideas and knew the hutch would work well in that sort of project I just couldn't quite ignite that burst of motivation and creativity I knew lurked in my hidden depths.

I casually mentioned this to my husband one day and he suggested I do a stall - a toad stall - i.e. a toad selling toadstools from a stall. My imagination was sparked. I loved the play on words.

I've spent a bit of time on Pinterest gathering ideas and setting up an ideas board for the project (I love Pinterest!). I thought about working on the project and then sharing it with everyone but I couldn't wait. I just wanted to get it out there to my blog friends and share my excitement. I still have to make the toad, I still have to make the rickety porch of an abandoned cabin and all the toadstools and fungi and the things toad will make with them for his stall. However, I am excited and looking forward to making a start on the project. I just hope I can create what is in my mind's eye.

So at this stage I don't have anything new to show but I will share the little back-story I have come up with. I have the next three days off so perhaps I may have something to show soon.

I have lots of ideas buzzing around in my head but I'd love to hear ideas from my lovely creative blog friends too.
Toad Stall
Toad, a kindly and creative woodland toad, stumbled across the abandoned cabin while playing hide and seek with his woodland friends. "This is it" he cried in an unusually high pitched croak. His friends stopped. They immediately knew what he meant. Toad, who had a passion for growing toadstools and fungi and making things from them, had long wanted to set up a stall. Toad had no interest in the cabin itself, it was the dilapidated porch that caught his attention. However, Toad and his friends ventured into the cabin. Toad started jumping up and down even more excited. He couldn't believe his luck. There was still some old furniture and bits and pieces in the cabin he could use for creating items for his stall and he was especially excited to see an old weathered hutch complete with one or two fungi and some broken crockery. Finding old pieces of crockery and other items left by settlers who had abandoned their homes was another of Toad's loves. He could never understand why the people didn't stay in such a lovely environment after the local mine ran dry - there was even a lovely swamp where he had set up his home. His friends smiled to themselves as Toad sat on the porch muttering plans to himself and they vowed to help Toad see his dream come true. Apart from anything else they knew Toad would reward them with some of his famous honey and swamp water ale with just a pinch of juiced toadstool added for good measure.

Hutch by Jane of Minifanaticus

My first attempt at fungi and snails


  1. Bonita historia.
    Feliz fin de semana.
    Un abrazo

  2. Oh, Sharee, this is such a wonderful story and it has so many possibilities in it for making a lovely miniature scene. I hope you can work it out and make it in miniature. Starting with the hutch of Jane and your own mini fungi it will be gorgeous, I'm sure of :D!
    Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend/holiday.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. What a wonderful idea!!! The little box you already made is so cute... I am certain the rest of your scene is going to be utterly charming!!! I look forward to seeing more!

  4. Your hubby made a great job with pushing you and your motivation into the right direction! And by now you have the perfect start-up: Jane's stunning hutch, your amazing toad pot and a wonderful story which is worth being told and shown in miniature. I'm here to see what you're coming up next and I am really longing to see Toad himself (This guy needs a name) in the meantime I'm smiling like Toad's friends seeing him (and you) happy with this project. Oh, and don't forget about FLY agarics! *grin* And speaking about flies... maybe some fly candy would be a hit among the toads... ah... so many possibilities!


  5. Me parece una bonita idea. Me encantará ver como la pones en práctica.