Wednesday, October 29, 2014

National Cat Day

I just saw a post by Margaret on her blog at Petit Parterre with a delightful photo of her cat wearing a hat:
She said it is National Cat Day in Australia. I note from an internet search that 29 October is also National Cat Day in the USA. I don't think New Zealand has a National Cat Day and International Cat Day was on 8 August but I will share with you photos of my two cats Dash and Squiggle anyway. I figure some of you cat lovers out there might be interested in seeing their progress. They are now about 7 months old and have grown out of that tiny kitten stage.
Unfortunately they didn't oblige me like Margaret's cat did. They were far more interested in snoozing on our bed, it being a rather wet and blustery afternoon outside.

Dash (male)
 Squiggle (female)
My three dogs are grumbling in the background about all the fuss over cats. Perhaps I'd better find out when International Dog Day is if there is such a thing!
Anyway, Happy Cats Day to all your furry feline friends.
Image from the Graphics Fairy


  1. Lovely pics of your cats, Sharee, I think that they look good, just as they are :D! I've also seen cat Lucy on Margaret's blog, so funny with those curls and the hat :D LOL!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Happy Cat Day! Your kitties are so adorable. Our cat Bunny looks a lot like your Squiggle! I found her up a tree a few years ago. She's a very clingy dog like cat. Enjoy your 2 beautiful babies!

  3. Happy Cat Day! Both of your kitties are adorable! Hmm, when is Guinea Pig Day, I wonder? ;-) xo Jennifer

  4. Happy Cat Day! Your furry companions grew into two beautiful cats!

    Birgit (Who is in deep trouble now because Fluby just asked me when it was International Flutterbeary Day... oh my!!! *sigh*)

    1. Birgit might just have to create an International Flutterbeary Day - a day when all the wonderful Flutterbearys can celebrate with their human friends around the globe!

  5. Счастливого дня кошек! Ваши кошки очаровательны! И, сразу видно, что они счастливые!!!

  6. Aww your kitties are so cute, they must be snuggled alot since they look so happy!

    ~Meow J

  7. Happy Cats Day to both your adorable kitties!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Hope you had a great cat day =)

  9. A Belated "Happy Cat day" to your Two, and to you Too! :D