Monday, October 27, 2014

An Early Start

Lying in bed this morning I was determined to make a space for doing some miniatures even though we had a fairly busy day planned - but what to do?
I considered doing a little Halloween scene and entering a photo in Kyle Lefort's Halloween challenge. While traditionally we have not celebrated Halloween in New Zealand it is starting to be celebrated by some and I have always thought it would be fun to do a Halloween scene. However, as it is the 27th I have left it a bit late to do a good job - next year Kyle!
That led me to thinking about Christmas. Every year I say I will do a Christmas scene but again I always leave it too late. Not this year. I am making an early start. Today I started my Christmas scene. The box I am setting my Christmas scene in and around I purchased Christmas 2012. It is high time I got it out and did something with it.
As for the resident of the box, Edward Elf, he has been more than patient waiting for me to create his workshop. Edward Elf is the official Christmas decoration maker for Santa and also the decorator of the North Pole Christmas Tree.
I think the box is so beautiful I don't want to cover too much of it so he will just be sitting in the box with a few shelves and hooks inside to hold all the wonderful Christmas decorations he is going to create. Of course we will also need to create a North Pole Christmas tree eventually .

I have previously blogged about the box and about Edward here:

Edward Elf was made by Melanie Frank in Germany.
Melanie's blog is

The front of the box.

Inside the box.

Edward Elf.

I love his oversized feet.

Edward is busy working on a paper chain (made by me).

I recently got a large jar of 'seconds' gems from an op shop. Some have little chips or are not quite the shape they should be but many of them are just fine for enhancing some of the lovely detail on the box.

Some of the gems.

Unfortunately it is a dark gloomy and wet day here today so very hard to take photos showing the gems but hopefully the above gives you an idea of what I am working on at the moment.
I need to think about what I am going to do for shelving and hooks now. Hopefully I will have solved that dilemma before my next post.
See you then.


  1. Por lo que nos has ensañado hasta ahora veo que va a ser un trabajo mágico y brillante. No me lo perderé.

  2. Looks like you're having fun with this project. I love the gems idea. What a tiny paper chain--fun! xo Jennifer

  3. In my opinion one can never be too early for Christmas... *grin* Your box is fantastic, and yes, it was about highest time that you start to decorate and use it, great idea with the rhinestones highlights. And it was so nice to see Edward again - Melli is such a wonderful artist and Edward is a helpful chap for sure.


  4. This box is gorgeous and decorating is always fun, love the idea of the gems :D! Melli will love to see Edward again, working on his paper chain. She makes the most wonderful creations of art, she is a true sculptor!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Me encanta tu proyecto. La caja es preciosa y con las gemas, aún mas bonita.
    Pero lo que me ha dejado enamorada es Edward. Es un elfo adorable y perfecto. Se merece una escena preciosa para trabajar contento hasta la Navidad.
    Un trabajo encantador.

  6. The box looks beautiful with the gems added. I love your elf and his paper chain is fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  7. That is a clever idea to enhance the box with gems. It looks great so far. Never too early to start on Christmas minis ;-) Edward is fabulous and I am sure he will love his workshop.

  8. Hi Sharee! The little elf inside your sparkling Book box is such a great way to get the jump on the Christmas season. The tiny paper chain is the perfect project for him to work on too! I think the shelves and the hooks will be a wonderful addition to the interior and I really look forward to seeing this project again soon. :D


  9. Such a great idea to get an early start Sharee! And Edward Elf looks happy to be finally getting a workshop! The gems on the box are gorgeous... and I agree the box is too pretty to cover over! Three more days until I get to Christmas planning.... so much to do!!! (But I have to finish Halloween first!)

  10. I like the gems on the box. The elf is amazing.

  11. Gorgous work on the box Sharee, Its so sparkly and the elf sitting inside is wonderful!

    Oh its never to early to get a jump on any seasonal items, go where the inspiration takes you, I always do ;)