Sunday, August 10, 2014

Town Mouse & Country Mouse Book-Ends (almost) Complete

Well the book ends are almost complete - complete enough to do a final showing. I still need to find a small enough copy of the book "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse" to go between the book-ends and do a few paint touch-ups here and there but other than that they are complete. In time when I can afford to I will put a battery light in each of the roof spaces so the houses can light up.

I cannot take credit for the cute little mice residents. They were made by a lovely lady back in the 1990s (sadly no longer with us) who was very clever with fimo. I have had them stored away all this time so I am sure they are happy to now have their own special houses.

Here are some photos:

This is Master Town Mouse's residence. 

He is especially proud of his bright red door and the plants either side. The plants were a gift from his cousin and great friend Country Mouse. Master Town Mouse found the grandest beads he could from the rubbish tip on the outskirts of the town to put them in (the things the big people throw out!).

Master Town Mouse is about to head indoors to have a cup of tea and a slice of camembert and watch out the side window of his house for Country Mouse who has promised to visit this afternoon.

This is Country Mouse's residence.

He loves the simple green door of his house which blends in with the beautiful countryside.
He has been out gardening but has put his shovel down to get ready to go and visit Master Town Mouse. He is hoping he will get a slice of Camembert cheese when he visits.
He might pick a bunch of flowers first to take to give to Master Town Mouse.
 Well I hope the mice cousins enjoy their afternoon together and I hope you are having a great weekend.
I'm off to think about what my next project will be.


  1. Wonderful! What a great idea for both the book storage and a reason to make two little houses!

  2. The bookends look magnificent! I love the how you took the identical houses and gave them each a unique look with color & accessories. I hope you locate the book you need to finish it. The mice are adorable and I am sure their creator would be thrilled to see how you are using them in this scene.

  3. You did a marvellous job with the bookends. I love the little mice :-)


  4. Hi Sharee, The bookends look FAB! The mice are to cute dor words. They where made for your bookends. Hope your having a great weekend!?
    Hugs AM

  5. Hi Sharee! I LOVE those Bookends!!! And the little mice are just Perfect for those houses!!! I think the Town Mouse and Country Mouse theme is Brilliant... it is so much better than making the houses identical! Also it gives so much more room for Stories....! LOL! I am sure they will enjoy their camembert with their tea this afternoon!

  6. The mice are simply perfect for your fabulous book ends. What a pity the lady who created them is no longer with us.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Well, why not enjoy a "Kaffeeklatsch" with one, two, three, four pieces of Camembert? *LOL* I bet those two little guys had a wonderful afternoon together... Oh, I like this project and its theme - you have managed to bring so many lovely details in... and how great that the little mice now have a place of honour!


  8. I love your bookends they are gorgeous. The little mice are so cute.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Lovely work, Sharee! I love your mini story about the mice too! xo Jennifer

  10. What a great idea and beautifully done. I think these are amazing. x

  11. Hi Sharee! I love the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse and perhaps you may be able to find the book on line and print out the cover and do a faux book? Both of your little mouse residences are Adorable and I think that if I were a mouse, I would be bursting with pride of ownership of either one!
    Simply Delightful!


  12. Wonderful bookends! Excellent idea for rural and urban mouse house ! Surely frequently visit each other, the two little mouse. :)