Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Project(s).

A few days ago I got an email from my friend Susan. The only other miniaturist I am aware of in our town. In it she said:

"I have a dolls house that I am going to get rid of. It is the house that you could get years ago with a magazine and it built up with the parts they gave you. It isn’t completely finished but nearly.  I was wondering if you would like it." 

Well, yes please! At the time I was trying to decide what I could work on next - dilemma solved. On Thursday I went and picked up my Del Prado dolls house. I also had the chance to have a look at Susan's dolls houses and her compact but fabulous and very organised craft room.

I walked away the happy owner of a new house/project and with the realisation that my craft room could be so much better organised.

So this weekend after the housework was done I was into my craft room to try to get it a bit more organised. Also, as I needed to fit in another dolls house the decision was made that I needed to spill out into the hallway. I can no longer contain my hobby to one side of the spare bedroom. I told myself that other than do a quick stocktake and take a few photos of the house for a blog entry I would not play with the house until my craft room is totally sorted (progress report - it is still far from complete).
I am really pleased with the house. Susan bought the house second hand from a lady who had done most of the house and some of the furniture but I will probably refinished some of the furniture by sanding down and repainting. I will probably change at least one of the wallpapers and there is still quite a bit to complete including putting in all the stairs. I have tested the lights and they work and I have done a stocktake of all the parts that came with the Del Prado step by step kits and all I can see that is missing is the sitting room rug cross stitch pattern. The house did not come with any of the magazines or instructions so I will have to make things up as I go as far as the stairs and the other furniture kits go. This is probably not a bad thing as I would probably have done things my way anyway. The wood in the kits are not of the greatest quality but there is potential to 'upgrade' the kits and I will embellish them to suit. This is a challenge I will enjoy.
Anyway here are some photos of the house and furniture in its current state:

(with lights)

The resident family. 

The folder contains all the furniture kits not yet done.
There is also a bag of roof tiles and a bag of wallpapers etc.
Of course while the intention was not to play with the house until my craft room was organised I could not resist a little play. I had to put the furniture into the house.

Susan also gave me these three dolls which I will redress:


Susan has also been very generous to Jamie giving her this lovely doll:

She has also given Jamie this old Arthur dolls house that has seen better days so Jamie and I can do it up for the doll:

Susan got this house second hand from a lady who had put it together with a hot glue gun and over time it has fallen apart. It will do up nicely for Jamie's doll. Jamie has come up with the great idea  that it will be a wonderful two storey play house for the little girl where she can have tea parties with her dolls.
Jamie is thinking she now wants to start a blog to record the progress of her house too!
And finally, Susan has leant me a whole pile of miniature magazines to read which I am absolutely loving.
Thank you so much Susan. You have made a couple of girls very happy and I so enjoyed the guided tour of your craft room!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I know I am.


  1. Does Christmas come earlier in your part of the world??? *LOL* Wow, that lady is for sure generous - but on the other hand... she gave those items she didn't want anymore into the best hands. This DelPrado-house with its furniture has a lot of potential... and I am curious to see the house for Jamie's little dollie. Happy playing along with your treasures! ;O)


    1. You are right Birgit, it certainly did feel like Christmas!

  2. Wow, Sharee, you lucky girls!!! Those houses look fabulous and the furniture all looks like it can be "embellished" very easily! And the lights all work too! What wonderful pieces to have to play with!! I look forward to seeing what you and Jamie make with it!

  3. Congratulations on all of these fantastic gifts, Sharee! You must feel like a kid in a candy shop with all of your new treasures around you! What fun you're going to have! xo Jennifer

  4. Felicidades por todos estos regalos. Seguro que disfrutarás mucho montando y preparando tu nueva casa. Besos

  5. Both you and your daughter are very lucky to have received these beautiful gifts from a great friend. I am sure you will do wonders with these treasures.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. You lucky *mumbles* :P

    Wow what a wonderful opportunity and fantastic gifts, I am glad some new crafty projects fell into your lap and they are just perfect with all the furniture and possibilities!

    I wait to see your work on these!

  7. Wow fantastic gifts. I am sure you will both have lots of fun with these. The dolls are very cute. Enjoy your great treasures.
    Hugs Maria

  8. How Thrilling for you and Jamie, Sharee! I have seen this Del Prado doll's house on DADA'S Dollhouse blog as Ersillia, has been remodeling this same house for the past year. As to that "Poor Arthur", well, I am already intrigued as you can well imagine! :D
    I know that the old miniature magazines are a gold mine of information and what a great way to catch your breath after this amazing windfall!
    Have fun and keep us posted.


  9. You are very lucky!
    The house is beautiful and dolls are adorable.

  10. Such an interesting project you got here!! New projects are so much fun =) And a big house like this is just awesome =) Good luck with it!