Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wanganui Miniature Show Exhibits

First of all, I just want to show you a picture of my little Heidi Ott doll in her new costume. The pram is one I made many years ago at a workshop.

As promised here are some photos of a few of the exhibits from the Wanganui Miniature Club Show. It was hard trying to to only select a few photos. My lovely husband went around and took the photos for me so I could chat with fellow miniaturists and have a good look around. Don't forget you can click on the photos to make them bigger.

 A general view of the exhibits.

A lovely little cabinet house. Hathaway Cottage had one of the cabinets on their stall and I was so so tempted. 

Little 1/144th matchbox scenes. I believe these are created from kits by Jewel Lewis, a New Zealand miniaturist.

Ettamogah Pub by Bronwyn Hutchins based on Ken Maynard cartoons.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.

A miniaturist's workroom with some fabulous little dolls houses.

Shallow box exhibits with very creative names.

I love this little cottage.

Babylon Villa - something a bit different. I like the way the people are just paper cut-outs.

Exhibited by Penny Hook, I think this is also made up from a Jewel Lewis kit. The detail is fabulous.

A very elegant exhibit with a miniature scene inset on the back wall.

A doll within a doll.

Another very elegant scene. I love the picture over the fire place.

Last of the Summer Wine. Aren't the dolls fabulous.

I love this little build with the lace 'ironwork'.

The Onceler's house based on Dr Seuss' The Lorax.

Mackintosh room box. Love the mirror.

Sailing ship.

Ship in a globe.

A touch of steampunk.

Bear head flowers.

Mr & Mrs.

I have to apologise to the exhibitors in that I do not know who created the above exhibits, other than those noted, as I was not following my husband with a pen and notebook. However, if you let me know which are your exhibits I will be happy to add your names to the above photo descriptions.

Well everyone I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of the items from the show. I certainly came away with a dose of inspiration. I might do another post during the week with a few more photos.


  1. Congratulate to your husband for the nice pictures, I love the matchbox scenes, are so cute!! A big hug.

  2. I am in love with those little 1/144th matchbox scenes, Sharee, what a patience someone must have to create these! I think your husband did a great job to photograph these miniature works. It is so sweet of him to do this for you, so you could go along the miniaturists and your friends ;)! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, Sharee!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. I'm smitten by the Last of the Summer Wine room!!! Nora Batty, the Scruffy Little 'Erbert........what a laugh and perfect detail! Of course I love the Ettamogah Pub and Jewel Lewis's matchbox rooms are amazing!! Thanks for the little tour and thank your husband for his photography.

  4. Hi Sharee,

    Your husband did a fantastic job on the photographs! Thank you so much for sharing them. I really love the ingenuity of everyones exhibits.


  5. Fantastic pictures thanks for sharing and thanks to your hubby for taking :) Wow so many amazing exhibits. I love the matchbox scenes and the Pinocchio workshop. You got some wonderful buys the dress is gorgeous on your doll.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Hi Sharee,
    So many lovely minis at this show! Your husband did an excellent job at taking pictures. I have enjoyed studying all the minis :-) I love the miniaturists workroom and the doll within a doll. Thank you for sharing!

  7. ¡Que exposición tan maravillosa! Y que suerte la tuya poderla ver de cerca. Son unos trabajos increibles.
    Muchas gracias por mostrarlos a los que no hemos tenido la suerte de estar allí.
    Un abrazo

  8. Una bellissima mostra e con altrettanto bellissimi lavori. Mi è piaciuta la tua carrozzina ed il mobile nel cui interno è inserita una casa.
    Un abbraccio.Manu

  9. Big pat on the back for hubby, he did fantastic! I love the Pinocchio display and the steampunk witch!

    It looks like it was a wonderful time, I hope you had a blast!

  10. Thanks to your hubby for taking such lovely photographs. The creativity in the exhibits is fantastic! Your doll looks gorgeous in her micro-knitted clothes too. xo Jennifer

  11. Es una exposición fantástica.

  12. Terrific photos, thank you so much for sharing! Wow, just like going to a show. I love your Heidi Ott doll, her outfit in beautiful and the pram too. Hugs, Jean

  13. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures! =) And I love the pram you made!!!

  14. They are amazing miniatures! I just love seeing what everybody makes in their very own style. Thanks for posting these terrific shots.