Saturday, March 22, 2014

Confession - I Blew My Budget!

I went to the Wanganui Miniature Show today. This was the club I belonged to when I lived in Wanganui in the 1990s. I understand it is now only a very small club and yet they still managed to put on a fantastic show. I arrived at 10.00am and we didn't leave until 12 noon, and that was only because we had to be at a wedding at 1.00pm. My husband kindly took photos for me while I caught up with members I knew back in the 1990s and walked around the exhibits with a miniaturist friend, Susan.

There was a great range of exhibits including lots of dolls houses, rooms boxes and other mini items, teddy bears and miniature soft toys, and a display of model boats and ships from a local model shop and then of course there were the sales tables.

Because of our current situation I had planned to only treat myself to one little miniature of some sort but - confession time - I BLEW THE BUDGET! I should have known I couldn't resist and my lovely husband was all for me buying a few miniatures while I was there. I feel slightly guilty for spending the money - but not that guilty. Actually it is just as well we are on a bit of a budget at the moment or I could have really done some financial damage! Not only did the miniature club and the local doll club have some items for sale there but a miniature shop from Upper Hutt, New Zealand  'Hathaway Cottage Crafts and Dollshouse Miniatures', also had a stand at the show. For anyone interested in looking at their website it is

So tonight before I head off to bed I just want to share with you my purchases. Tomorrow night I will upload some photos of some of the exhibits at the show.

A photo of all my purchases. The two mats were on sale on the Hathaway Cottage stand and were too good a bargain to leave behind.

Two gorgeous little mini girls, 3 cm tall. These will be displayed as dolls in my Timeless Toys project. I think these were made by someone in the Wanganui doll club.

Isn't this fine knitting just exquisite. It will fit a 2 inch Heidi Ott doll. This was made by a member of the Wanganui Miniature Club.

Some lovely very fine braid purchased from Hathaway Cottage.

A cute little kit of a porcelain kewpie in a box, also purchased from Hathaway Cottage.

And these absolutely adorable rabbits. I tried so hard to resist these but at the last minute as I was walking out the door I just could resist no longer. These were also purchased from Hathaway Cottage.

I'm a happy girl. I've got some new minis, saw some wonderful miniature projects made by other miniaturists, breathed in a dose of inspiration, and had a lovely chat with like minded people. Thank you Wanganui Miniatures Club for a great morning.


  1. Oh Wow! No wonder you couldn't resist these gorgeous purchases. I love all. Enjoy and have fun, you deserve it.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Sharee, just think of it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. All of those wonderful thing might not be there next time. That knitted dress is amazing! Congrats on the wonderful finds!

  3. I think it's okay to spoil yourself once in a while. I bet it was nice to catch up with old friends too. Glad you had a good day. =0)

  4. I am glad that you had a nice time and indulged yourself a little. You went home with some wonderful finds. The knitted outfit is really beautiful :-)


  5. Great purchases! I blew my budget last year when I was on my first miniature show, hope it wont become a habit ;) But once in awhile its OK to do that, right?! =)
    Enjoy your new minis

    1. It certainly is okay Hannah. I think perhaps we should put a few dollars aside each week so when miniature shows creep up on us we have a bit of spending money.

  6. Unas compras estupendas. Disfrutalas mucho

  7. No te sientas culpable, has hecho buena compra y has disfrutado, eso es lo importante. Un abrazo.

  8. Some really great purchases you have there, Sharee. I am happy that you allowed yourself these goodies and that your husband was so supportive. Sometimes we all need to break the rules and just have a little fun :-) I am so excited to see Timeless Toys! Oh, and what you do with the other wonderful minis you've found.

  9. Hi Sharee,

    I'm so glad you could buy these lovely miniatures! Sometimes you just kind of have to. Everything is terrific. I love the bunnies and they make me think of Spring for some reason :-) Take care.


  10. Maravillosas compras. El vestido azul tejido es una maravilla. Que lo disfrutes.
    Un abrazo

  11. Haha, of course you blew the budget, that's what shows are for isn't it? :) I couldn't have resisted any of your lovely purchases either, specially the bunnies! I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Such a shame many of the miniatures clubs are getting smaller, not only in NZ but in many places. Wanganui and Palmerston North used to be very big back in the 70's and had some incredibly talented members.

    1. Hi Susan. I guess technology is partly to blame for that but where would we be if we didn’t have the internet! For one thing we probably wouldn’t have touched base with each other and we also wouldn’t have made mini friends from all around the world. I agree with you though. I used to love belonging to a club and we made some wonderful things together as a club. You also had people with different skills sharing their knowledge and ideas. Unfortunately there are no clubs in Taranaki.

  12. Fantastic finds, Sharee! That knitting is a masterpiece! The bunnies are adorable! No wonder you couldn't resist! xo Jennifer

  13. BOOOOM, someone has blown her budget, hahaha :D! But I am so happy that you allowed yourself to be spoiled a bit, sometimes we need it, right ;)?
    Your new purchases are wonderful, those adorable bunnies, that knitted outfit is awesome, Sharee, just as the rest of these beautiful miniatures are, enjoy it all!
    Hugs, Ilona

  14. Hooray for new minis!! :D You found a lot of great things...I couldn't resist those rabbits, either.

  15. Oh budget smuget! I think you have gained some wonderful treasure that will only increase in value!...good line right?

    I can see why you would get those lovely things, the bunnies are amazing and all these items will certainly turn into gold under your artistic touch ;)
    hugs, js