Saturday, May 4, 2013

Waiting, waiting...

It has been a long day. My husband and daughter drove to Auckland, New Zealand yesterday, about a 6 hour drive from where we live to pick a vintage doll house for me. An early Mother's Day present (Mothers Day in New Zealand is the second Sunday in May). They have picked it up and as I write this my husband and daughter are heading back home, another 6 hour drive, and should be here in a couple of hours. I am just as anxious to get them back safe as I am to see my new (old) house. I will post photos of it tomorrow.

I couldn't put my mind to anything until I knew the house had been picked up and then I managed to put together a little table using the resin experiment I recently blogged about.

This nearly ended in disaster when I tried to squeeze black paint out of a tube and the tube 'exploded'. Black paint on my desk, on me, on my clothes and on the carpet. Not impressed! I finished the table surrounded by black paint and then proceeded to clean up myself and my workroom. Needless to say it dampened the creative spirit and I didn't get any more miniatures done today.

Anyway, here is the table. I used two plastic pizza spacers for the legs (the type you get in a pizza delivery box that stops the lid from sitting on the pizza). I cut one prong off each spacer and then joined them together.


Will take some photos of my Amersham house tomorrow and put them on the blog. In the meantime I hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. Hi Sharee, I hope your daughter and husband are arrived at home safe and sound? It must have been a long time to wait....
    I am sorry to read your tube with black paint exploded. Your table turned out well, I don't know that kind of pizza spacers. I am sure you can use them for a lot of miniatures. I wish I had a few of those spacers.....
    I hope you can show to us the pictures of the new purchased houses soon.
    Have a great weekend, Ilona

  2. Very smart and effective way you made the feet of the table. Good job!
    I'm waiting to see your new dollhouses.

  3. Ah!How I understand you! When opened a few days ago the lid of a flask of ivory paint the lid jumped up to the ceiling .. that fright! The painting decorated everything around it... The legs of your table are perfect .. I have never found here these..I hope you can show to us the pictures of the new houses soon..Hugs

  4. Hi Sharee! Clever Girl! I love the way you used the spacers! I would have never thought of using 2 together. They are very effective and now you can eat pizza off the top of the little table too! The table is wonderful!
    Sorry to hear about the Big Black Splash! I know exactly how you feel. I had started screwing on the lid to a LARGE JAR of white gesso and then left it for a moment to do something else, returned and picked up the jar by the lid which was not fully secured and down went a big plop of white gesso onto my lap and onto my black leather boot and the carpet! I was so mad at myself! I managed to scrape the paint off of both my lap and the boot which I was the most concerned about and the carpet too. (Thank you God! ) Aside from the tiny bit of white that got onto the stitching of the sole of the boot ; it is almost invisible! As for the carpet.... well you know, once I drop something onto this floor I can almost NEVER find it again and this time I am actually happy to say that!


    p.s. I love that cat!!!!

    1. Clever you Elizabeth. I wondered what to put on the top of the table for the photo - a pizza would have been ideal. White gesso would have made even more mess than my black paint. I need to have another clean of my carpet but I've almost got rid of all signs of the black paint now. It was only a matter of time before the carpet wore something!

  5. You are so smart and creative! Thank you for sharing!