Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pen Friends (and Blog Friends)

Hi blog friends,

It is Mother's Day in New Zealand today. My daughter (and husband) bought me some Lotto tickets and the Blu-Ray of Les Miserables.  I even got breakfast in bed. My husband is also going to cook me a lovely salmon dinner tonight.

Now, however, we are in the midst of chaos. We decided to move things around in our house today. We have moved into our daughter's bedroom, our daughter has moved into ours, I am moving my craft room back into the spare bedroom and my husband is moving his computer gear back into the office. While it isn't exactly a Mother's Day activity I am pleased were are reshuffling things (again) to make the space work for us. It also means I can have a good tidy up and spring clean as we go.

While I was really happy with the little craft room I was in it was a bit too small. I just need to arrange for better lighting in the spare bedroom to make it a good crafting space. Also, my husband is a bit too noisy when playing his computer games to be up in the bedroom area at night.

While I was sorting I came across this lovely old postcard and I wanted to share it with you. With a few word changes it could relate to friendships formed from blogging.

I have kept and loved this postcard since I was a little girl. It was given to me by a lady who lived next door to us while I was growing up and her and her husband were just part of our family. They were very special. The postcard was sent to her by an overseas penfriend. I think the post-date reads 1938.

The author is Wilhelmina Stitch (1888-1936).

It reads:
"It's rather wonderful, I think, when friends are made - by pen and ink. A piece of paper, blue or white! Someone decides that she will write to one whom she has never seen, who lives where she has never been!
A pen becomes a magic wand! Two strangers start to correspond. Not strangers long, but soon good friends (just note how her last letter ends). How pleasant is exchange of views and comment on important news. Oh! one can talk of this and that and have the cosiest type of chat on paper (be it blue or white), providing that one's pen will write!
Two girls who live quite far apart can gladden much each other's heart; can nourish, too, each other's mind with letters sensible and kind. It's truly beautiful I think when friendship springs from pen and ink!"


  1. Helllo Sharee! I love the card, the illustrations and the text! I believe that we have come a long way in the area of communications, but I find that people still like to make contact with others , even strangers and hear what they think and how they feel about what interests them. That's how friends are made. I think that that will never change.
    I am glad that you are getting your designated rooms re-organized. It sounds like a good plan and I did a similar thing with my daughter too. Enjoy your new arrangements and I hope that they work out as planned. There is nothing like getting even more crafting space!
    Happy Mother's Day Sharee!


    1. Thanks Elizabeth. By the way, after your recent blog I went out and bought some jars today to sort my beads into. I'm quite looking forward to seeing just what I have got.

  2. С Днем Матери!!!
    Приятно иметь вещи, которые греют душу!

  3. Hi Sharee! Beautiful words. As time goes by, I find that people do get more comfortable with one another just by writing comments on a blog. It's a wonderful way to make friends when one does not go out much. I know I have become attached to quite a few people that I would never have known even existed had it not been for their blogs. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  4. I am very happy for you that your family tries to make you a Mother's Day joy despite the many work. Beakfast in bed, presents and a delicious dinner. Wow! My son is 15 .. in this age everything else is more important than Mom!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! I agree with that card... and while I never had a pen pal... I used to write letters to my distant friends! Now I just blog.... and I think it is even better because we can See what others are doing and share with them what we are doing! I think it is developing into a whole new community and kind of sharing that is really beneficial! I used to feel that "nobody" understood my love of miniatures... because I didn't know there were so many of us around the world! Now I know... and it is just so much FUN to share this love!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. That is a sweet little card. It is exactly the way blogger friends are. Moving things around is kinda fun. You end up with a new house. LOL!

  7. Lovely words and so applicable to blogging now, thanks for sharing!

  8. Ciao, sono molto belle le parole scritte sulla pagina.E con il blog si fanno conoscenza con persone che piacevolmente si dilettano con lo stesso nostro hobby e con cui si possono scambiare delle idee e dei suggerimenti. Hugs Manu