Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Story of a Neglected Blog...

I started this blog on 8 January 2011. I was full of enthusiasm and believed the creation of the blog would keep me motivated. One year later on 1 January 2012 I had only made a few entries and I made a New Year's Resolution to try to make a blog entry once every fortnight and to make more time for miniatures. My last post was on 11 February 2011, 7 months ago. Arrgghh!! I so want to do this. Life just seems to get in the way - or perhaps I let it get in the way. Anyway, here I go again.

Today I have moved the spare bed out of the room I use as my craft room to make some space to set out my dolls houses and have room for a work desk. It is great to have a bit more space but unfortunately if someone comes to stay we will have to put them on a hammock in the rafters or kick our daughter out of her bed onto the couch. I have taken a short break from trying to sort out my craft room to do this blog.

Last weekend was the first time I sat down and actually made something miniature in a long long time. I made the plant containers and plants in the pictures below.

I shouldn't really say I made the plant containers. They were two little brass pots that I picked up cheap at the local antique shop. I sealed them, painted them with gesso, then sprayed them with a layer of textured gravel grey paint that is used for miniature railways. Finally I gave them a wash of watered down grey paint to get the concrete/stone effect. I am quite pleased with the way they came out. I then made the plants with green papered wire, flower soft and cut up leaves from a silk flower.

Well, I've done it, I've made an entry. Now to make it a habit.

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  1. Well done!!! I love makeovers like that - they look just like stone pots. :D