Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chinese Miniatures

Took my daughter into town today so she could spend some of her money on some Sylvanian miniatures. While we were out I couldn't resist popping into the local second hand/antique shop. I just had to have these old miniature chinese figurines and miniature bridge. They are between 2cm and 3cm high. The two characters in the front should have fishing poles. They will work well in The Laurels which will be decorated in late Victorian.

I also found four of the ceramic wall paintings similar to the one in my earlier post which work well in old houses so they are now stored away waiting for me to get my dollshouse wallpapered.

Tomorrow morning my husband and daughter will be going to golf. My 9 year old daughter is playing in her first golf tournament (6 holes). I am hoping to take the opportunity to make some miniatures as well as to start stitching a miniature arts and crafts movement floor rug.

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