Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've decided today is a 'Miniatures Day'

Hi there. I've decided today is a 'Miniatures Day'. I haven't told my husband and daughter yet though who are currently out playing golf (or at least my daughter is at her junior golf lessons)! In the meantime I am having a very late breakfast in front of the computer - I love Sundays! (It is currently 10.20am on Sunday in NZ).
My goals for today: Today my goals are to turn some more of my sister's art into canvases for her mini art gallery, trial my new dremel tool that my lovely husband bought me for Christmas, make up a couple of book kits, and anything else mini that takes my fancy - oh and probably look at a few blogs. I'm addicted to blogs. Isn't it great how people share their ideas and skills via their blogs. While I may not have that much to offer yet, I know my blog has been read in New Zealand, the UK, the US, Russia, Germany and Latvia. What a world we live in.
The Laurels: In flicking through an old Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine the other day I came across a house that had very similar details to my recent purchase "The Laurels". It was an old G & J Lines house from the early 1900s. Subsequently I have found a great website that has members that are keen collectors and will help you date your old dollshouses and there are some great galleries of old dolls houses and furniture on the site. Well worth a look. I am in the process of having pictures of The Laurels uploaded on the site. I will let you know what I find out.
Anyway my breakfast has been eaten and I've nearly finished my coffee so I'd better get on to my minis or the day will disappear.
Will report in later.

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