Saturday, November 1, 2014

Edward's Workshop - Progress Made

For those of you who haven't met Edward Elf yet he was created by Melanie Frank (Melli) of Germany. Melanie's blog is
Edward grew up with such a love of Christmas that he was invited by Santa to be an honorary helper elf at the North Pole. As time went on he worked through the ranks and gained the respect of Santa and is now the Master of Decorations and decorator of the North Pole Christmas tree. Being a German elf he is a bit bigger than the North Pole elves but he is fully accepted by all his fellow elves and is always happy to help them when they can't reach something.

When Santa told Edward he could make arrangements to have a special workshop built for himself,  Edward chose a design that looked like a Christmas gift box because of his love of all things Christmas.

I have made some progress on Edwards workshop today. First of all I added a few more gems, especially on the inside.

I then added some shelves for some of the special decorations Edward has been working on. I also added a few essentials - such as a pot belly stove for warmth, a box of chocolate truffles for energy and a companion dog for company.

The Workshop so far.

Some of the things I added today are:

I found the skier in an antique shop. I think it has come off a German Christmas decoration. It looks similar to some of the vintage Erzgebirge ornaments. I made the little wreath and the lovely cherub ornament was a Christmas surprise I received last year from Melli of der Pippibaeren (the creator of Edward).

The lovely 'Merry Christmas' wreath is one of a pair earrings I found at a local op shop. I was lucky enough to win the three tiny Christmas characters which were a giveaway prize from Sylvia of Mijbil Creatures. The tallest character is only 9mm high. The silver angel I made from jewellery findings. The bells are a charm from an 'Avon' Christmas bracelet. The three stockings are buttons from a scrapbooking shop. The wooden Santa and his Christmas tree was another op shop find.

Under the shelf is a string of cards which are from Paper Minis. The box of chocolate truffles are also from Paper Minis. I made the woven box holding the coloured paper. I have made a tutorial to make this which you will find here. I also made the paper chain Edward is making. The dog 'Prince' was an antique shop find and when he saw the pot belly stove he decided this would be a good place to live. He thought Edward looked very kindly too. The pot belly stove is actually a pepper shaker. Other miniatures are just from my stash.
Edward seems pretty pleased with his workshop so far. He is really pleased Prince has volunteered to be his companion. Towards Christmas Edward can spend hours making last minute touches to all the decorations and decorating the North Pole Christmas tree. He will be glad of the company.


  1. The workshop is fantastic! I love how you have arranged everything. Thank you for sharing what all the little pieces are too. You have such a knack for incorporating your "finds" into your miniature scenes. Great job!

  2. A great workshop. Thank you for sharing and for the link to the basket making.
    Melli's elf is fantastic and perfect for his role.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I love all the wonderful little details you have added. You box is gorgeous and is the perfect place for Edward.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Beautiful workshop. I like the new details.

  5. It was so much fun to look at your photos - you did a fantastic job so far. I really like your workshop, what a nice place for Edward. You've added so many lovely details, including gifts from friends - and what I liked the most is Edward's work supplies on the table and in the basket. Great detail - you're thinking of everything.


  6. This is So Sweet, Sharee!!! I Love that you have found a "home" for so many little Christmas trinkets and odds and ends from second hand shops!!! All those tiny things that kick around in the back of drawers and never get used! It really looks wonderful! And I think Prince is the perfect companion for Edward.... they even have a similar "look" on their faces! And that the pot bellied stove is a pepper shaker is a riot!!! This is a wonderful project.... and makes me think I should start one..... Wait... I already have too many projects going! LOL!

  7. Edward ha avanzado mucho con la decoración y con un resultado excelente.
    Un besazo

  8. Sharee, your roombox is gorgeous, it is the perfect place to be for Edward. You have added so much beautiful miniatures of some of your blogfriends :D! All the details are a feast for the eyes :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. This looks fantastic, Sharee! I love all of the very tiny details you've included--so cute! I agree with Ilona that this roombox is a feast for the eyes! xo Jennifer

  10. That looks so festive and cozy too. I'm zeroing in on that adorable paper chain Edward is holding. It's just so cute!

  11. I saw this on Facebook too =) Didn't realize it was your sweet roombox =) Everything is just great, so cute! I do love Christmas and Christmas scenes, so this one really appeal to me =)

    1. Thanks Hannah. I love Christmas things too - big kid at heart!