Sunday, February 9, 2014

Selina Rose Gallery - Signing Off

How exciting, I just saw 10,000 click by - since I've had my blog it has had 10,000 views. Another milestone. They seem to be coming all at once - 100 followers, 100 posts, 10,000 views, my first giveaway AND my first finished project since I got back into miniatures. Well, it is not totally finished. Are any of our miniatures totally finished? - there is always the capacity to add just one more thing or come up with one more idea!

The Selina Rose Gallery will be going on a journey tomorrow to its new home with my sister Karen. There are still some things I have in mind, perhaps a window box, some family photos, a mini catalogue of Karen's art and a few touch ups around the windows where there is a bit of a gap between the front and back of the windows, but I feel it is complete enough to make the journey. Karen will also send me a photo of any of her new paintings to scale down for the gallery, so in a way it will be an on-going project.

Below is a final set of photos before I pack it up for its travel. There is not a lot new apart from the front which I have been furiously working on to get finished.

The Front Exterior

The Attic

I've added a rag and paper towels.

The Chill-Out Room

I made up a 'Paper Minis' book kit, A Collection of Still Life Paintings.

The cabinet is full of treasures including a vintage button with a Clydesdale horse on it.

The Upper Gallery

The Lower Gallery

I have added a sign advertising an exhibition by a guest artist, Gail Milne. Gail is another of my sisters (Karen's twin) and is also an artist.

The Whole Gallery

The Inside Door

The Lower Gallery Inside Window

Note the 'Please No Smoking' Sign

Signing Off

I was a good girl and remembered to sign and date the project.

Signing off now and passing the gift of my workmanship to my lovely sister Karen to house miniatures of her wonderful art work.


  1. What a wonderful gift! I cannot imagine a more fitting gift for an artist than a miniature gallery of her work, done so well. You and your sisters are very talented, and I know she will treasure this gift.

  2. The art gallery is beautiful. I love your attention to detail.
    I can see that you and your family are very talented artists. :)

  3. Hi Sharee! The gallery looks beautiful. I love the exterior and all the little details like the No smoking sign. Your sister will love it! Such a loving gift!
    Still crossing my fingers for smooth sailing tomorrow in every way :-)

  4. Brilliant, Sharee, lovely to see the finished product with all the detail!
    Yes, hope tomorrow goes well for everyone :-)

  5. Ах, Ваша сестра счастливица! Такой великолепный подарок от любящей сестры!
    Прекрасная работа!

  6. The art gallery is a wonderful combined project of you and your sister. I love how perfect it looks with attention to wonderful details. It will be a family heirloom.
    Congratulations for all the round numbers!
    Hugs, Drora

  7. Sharee, you have outdone yourself with this miniature gallery for your sister. I think she will be sooo happy with your loving gift. All the small details which you have added, are so well placed and realistic, I love it!
    I hope the trip will go smoothly and it will arrive safe and sound at your sister's place.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Hi Sharee!
    Wow, the art gallery is so beautiful. This is such a wonderful gift for your sister. I'm sure she will cherish it. Amazing work!

  9. What a gorgeous gift. Very thoughtful and I'm sure your Sister will cherish it =0)

  10. A lovely gift for your sister! You should be so proud of your accomplishment! Now you can take this off your list of things to do. Isn't that great! One down and so many more to go because I don't think I ever saw such a huge list of things to do as the one you made for 2014. Oh well, you certainly will not be bored!

  11. Your sister is so lucky! The house is lovely! hugs

  12. Wow lucky sister :) your art gallery is amazing I love all the many wonderful details.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Such a beautiful and loving gift Sharee! You have created such a beautiful memory with this house all the details are amazing.

    I await the next project ;)

  14. What a wonderful project this has been, Sharee! It truly is a work of Love ... and Art! I think the attic is wonderful and the "chillout" room is very serene! The Gallery itself I wish I could come and visit up close! I hope your sister has fun with it and adds to it from her own creativity!
    And Congratulations on 10000 visits!!! May that only be the beginning...!

  15. This is a very special gift for your sister. She will be very happy.
    Bye, Faby

  16. Hi Sharee!

    So many exciting things going on for you right now! Congratulations on your 10,000 blog views. Such a lovely finished first project. You should be so proud and happy! I love your gallery and it has been fun to watch it come about. So glad that you've shared it with us. Thank you.


  17. What an amazing project, Sharee! Your sister will love your thoughtful and beautifully-executed gift. Congratulations on a job well done! xo Jennifer

  18. Congratulations Sharee! What a beautiful finished project you have made for your sister Karen! I know that she will be Thrilled with it and I love the simple and clean white exterior of it. It is such a great little space filled from top to bottom with love! :D


  19. What a great project, I loved looking at all the was like going to a real art gallery. Im sure your sister is very happy to recieve such a gift I know I would be :)


  20. Your sister will adore this art gallery, it's a very personal gift and you did such a neat job of everything!

  21. This is an awesome house. I love the exterior design. All the personal touches inside make this a perfect custom gift. I love the attic! The little paint area is so cute! And your sign off is such a great idea. It gives details so you never forget the story behind this house.

  22. Dear Sharee , the Gallery for your sister is beautiful she will surely be very happy!
    Hugs. Manu