Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Gallery Seat

On speaking with my sister, who is an artist, we have decided to turn her corner house into an artists gallery/studio with her own artworks in miniature. Today I decided to have a go at doing a bench seat that will sit on the gallery floor for visitors to sit on to view her artworks. Lets just say it was very trial and error and still needs a lot of fine tuning, but attached is a photo of my first attempt. I need to get the padding a bit more even on the ends. I've cut the wood for another two attempts so hopefully I'll get it right by version 3. I also realised I really have no fabrics suitable for minis. The fabric I have used is from a cut up cushion cover. I'll have to do some shopping on-line as we don't have a fabric shop where I live. Will keep you posted as to progress.

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